New ‘Fallout’ pack is a little bit alien

“Mothership Zeta,” the newest “Fallout 3” downloadable content pack has you fighting your way out of a massive UFO with a death ray. That’s right, a death ray. This is the last “Fallout 3” downloadable content pack to be released, so might as well end on a high note.

After saving the capitol wastelands in “Fallout 3” proper, your character is abducted by aliens, beamed aboard their mothership and imprisoned. Aboard the mothership, you meet other hostages like a samurai and a cowboy. In a starkly realistic move, no one can understand the samurai. The language barrier is often played for laughs.

From here, you can get the new energy weapons, which are rather powerful against the aliens aboard the ship, though their skin is considerably tougher than previous enemies in the “Fallout” universe. Fighting in the ship’s corridors can be kind of bland, but the new weapons and items make up for it, such as “Alien Goo Tubes,” which are used to repair your weapons. This may sound lame, but when a rare weapon or valuable weapon is close to breaking and no repair tools are around, it’s a lifesaver.

You can also find alien squid food, but that’s mostly a joke.

Speaking of humor, “Mothership Zeta” has it in spades. The trademark dark comedy of the “Fallout” series is kicked into overdrive here. The alien spaceship looks like a stereotypical UFO with a laser gun sticking out awkwardly from what looks like a Frisbee, as well as references to Buzz Aldrin (as a “freezer-burnt” spaceman) and other historical figures.

If you’re looking to expand your “Fallout 3” experience by another 4-6 hours, definitely pick up “Mothership Zeta.” If you aren’t really interested in the play time, you should be interested in the weapons you can find.

Really, who doesn’t love blowing up aliens with a microwave gun?