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University of Arizona
TUCSON, Ariz. – The University of Arizona student accused of killing her roommate tried to make the incident look like a suicide, according to recently released court documents.
Following an Aug. 28 police report and accusations that she had been involved in property theft, Galareka Harrison, a public administration freshman, became upset and purchased a knife while returning to the UA campus, court documents state.
After buying the knife, Harrison wrote a note pretending to be her roommate, Mia Henderson, a biology freshman.
Written as if Henderson were the author, the note mentioned ending her own life, court documents stated.
After writing the note, Harrison returned to her room in the Graham-Greenlee Residence Hall, where the women were roommates, and left the note on Henderson’s desk. Following several minutes of reflection, Harrison stabbed Henderson multiple times while Henderson was sleeping, leading to her death.
After reporting the theft, Henderson had refused to stay in the same room.
Harrison was charged with the first-degree murder of her roommate, Mia Henderson.
She was booked into Pima County Jail and held on $50,000 bail.
– Source: Arizona Daily Wildcat

University of Michigan
At about 25 colleges nationwide, rental programs allow students to obtain their books each semester for a nominal fee – less than $100 per term in many cases – before returning the books at the end of the semester.
While many schools that use rental programs are community or junior colleges, some four-year colleges are also using the system, including Southeast Missouri State University, Eastern Illinois University and seven schools in the University of Wisconsin system.
At the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, where a textbook rental program was revamped back in 2000, a school official confirmed that $6 million was spent to cater to about 10,000 undergraduates. Students there pay $84 a semester to rent their books.
Aside from the costs involved – the university would have to buy and store the books prior to renting them out – most university faculty would probably be resistant to a rental program because they would have to commit to use a certain book for a period of time.
– Source: Michigan Daily

Facebook to offer job search capabilities

Ball State University
MUNCIE, Ind. – is now offering a way to find a job or internship by simply having a Facebook profile., an online job Web site, announced that it is now offering an application on the Facebook Platform that allows users to receive job and internship listings.
Collegiate Marketing Manager Nathan Lippe said Facebook users can add the application and they will receive job and internship listings daily.
The listings are sent to users based on information received from profiles such as major in school and location, he said.
CareerBuilder will not know if a user pursues a job listing, Lippe said. After the listing is sent to the profile, the user decides what to do with it.
The listings are updated daily so there is no rush or time crunch when it comes to using the CareerBuilder application, he said.
– Source: Ball State Daily News

Iowa State U. students vote to win free DMB concert

University of Iowa
AMES, Iowa – Fresh off victory in the CBS Sportline’s Most Dominant College Mascot on Earth, Iowa State University students have another online challenge, this time in the form of a band competition.
On Sept. 1, opened voting in the World’s Loudest Pep Rally Contest. The contest, which is open to 100 colleges across the country, will award a concert featuring the Dave Matthews Band to the school that submits the most votes, in the form of invitations, to the band.
Mitchell Christenson, a sophomore in pre-business, has started a group “Iowa State Dave Matthews Band contest please participate for free concert.”
It currently has more than 2,000 members.
– Source: Iowa State Daily
Compiled by Julia Redelina