Music Review: Rob Zombie – Mondo Sex Head

Artist: Rob Zombie

Album: “Mondo Sex Head”

Label: Geffen Records

Release date: Aug. 7, 2012

Rating: 3

Rob Zombie’s got some pretty iconic hits. Now he’s put out an album consisting mostly of electronic remixes of those hits — and surprisingly enough, it’s actually half decent.

The first rule about remixes is, make the song better while still keeping the integrity of the original. The second rule is, if you ignore rule number one, then you’d better make the remix flippin’ amazing. Rob Zombie doesn’t always follow these two rules, but most of his remixes aren’t anything to turn your nose up to.

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The Photek remix of “Living Dead Girl,” for instance, is a pretty trancelike and chill tune, with the only real nod to the original being the repetition of the line “living dead girl” and a few others sparsely placed throughout the seven-minute track. The tune itself is OK, but there isn’t a wow factor — and it definitely doesn’t compliment the original at all.

Conversely, the Ki:Theory remix of “Foxy, Foxy” is more subtle in its editing, but it adds a lot of new attitude to the track. Instead of completely redoing the music, it sounds like more (especially percussion) was just added to the original, giving it more of a beat and making it easier to dance to. This doesn’t always work for a remix, but like I said, it’s just subtle enough to enhance the original without overhauling it.

My favorite remix on this album would have to be the Big Black Delta remix of “More Human Than Human.” This track, like the remix of “Foxy, Foxy,” has music added to the original track, but it’s far more prominent. There are definitely dubstep tones, as well as a distinctly electronic edit to Rob Zombie’s vocals. Some would consider the track over-edited, but it mostly just comes across as more fun and more danceable.

Perhaps the best part of the entire album is that you can purchase each track individually on iTunes. Electronic mixes are touch and go, with different people liking different things in that musical genre. This way, you can pick and choose which songs you want to spend your money on. And, with 18 tracks to the deluxe album, you’ve got plenty to choose from. The album as a whole is decent, but some tracks far surpass the others as far as quality is concerned. It’s definitely worth a listen.