Monk’s Mistress a fun and deceptively delicious ale

BREWERY: Midnight Sun Brewing Company
BREW NAME: Monk’s Mistress
BREW STYLE: Belgian-Style Special Dark Ale
Specs: 11.5% Alc, 13 IBU’s

The color of Monk’s Mistress resembles a big chocolate bar with foam on top. The beer keeps light from getting in; nothing can be seen through the glass. There is a chocolate aroma, which fused with EKG and Flugles hops gives off a deep chocolate beer smell.

The malts used in this beer are chocolate, Munich, Pale two-row and Special B. It doesn’t taste like a typical dark beer (the taste is lighter than one would expect), but that’s a good thing in this case.

The chocolate and Munich malts sooth the taste buds, and give a Belgian flavor that will relax the mind. With the high alcohol content, a pint is really all one needs to get that tingling feeling that puts the drinker at ease. There is residual foam on the inside of the glass as it goes down, which is a sign of a well-crafted beer.

For those that aren’t dark beer fans, this is a nice middle ground. It can go great with food, but doesn’t have to be paired with anything to get the full experience.

This beer can be found at Midnight Sun Brewing Company or most Brown Jugs in Anchorage.