MellowHype raises the bar

MellowHype "Numbers"

Sharing hundreds of blunts and stages as a member of OFWGKTA with infamous rapper Tyler the Creator gave rising rap duo MellowHype the knowledge of what rap fans want to hear.

No longer destined to merely be the mid-stage lurkers at shows, MellowHype’s new album “Numbers,” released Oct. 9, establishes them as serious contenders in the rap industry.

As their music has been improving with each new album, this compilation follows suit and raises their bar to heights never before seen.

Vocalist Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain truly collaborate in their best effort yet to make a well-rounded and enjoyable album.

Hodgy Beats has a flow much like fellow rapper Childish Gambino, often using poetic meters with many pauses followed by accentuated rants.

Left Brain creates some of the most fascinating rap beats I’ve ever heard. While he played a lead role producing songs with OFWGKTA, he did not have total creative control — until now.

While his drum sequences are very similar to Dr. Dre’s, his choice of notes and styles are all over the place.

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Left Brain uses many minor chords and odd scales that create an eerily melancholic tone. When combined with syncopated drum beats and dramatic vocal phrasings, these tracks compound into what has become a thought-provoking album full of mystique.

“Numbers” is pure gold for those who enjoy real, unadulterated rap. It is made by people who love rap for those who love rap.

Hands down, the standout song on the album is “65.” The track is so tranquil and melancholy that it nearly feels sedated. The lyrics are half-nonsensical and half-genius, as every deviant wields has a subtly incorporated subliminal innuendo.

Each MellowHype song is individual and incomparable to all of their other compositions. Very few of their songs will sound like another artist. They have an immaculately distinctive sound and it is blissfully addictive.

While their previous album, “BlackenedWhite,” was released as a free download through their website, they have yet to announce whether or not they will do the same thing for “Numbers.” However, the album is available for free listening on


Artist: MellowHype

Album: Numbers

Label: Odd Future Records

Release Date: Oct. 9, 2012

Rating: 4/5