Meet the Seawolves: Nate Sagan and Dallas Baldwin

Kicking off their fourth season at UAA as a team are Seawolves Nate Sagan and Dallas Baldwin. However, you won’t see them on the court, but rather above or around it doing everything from stats to videos to social media for UAA Athletics. Sagan is in his 13th season here as Sports Information Director backed by Baldwin starting her fourth season as Assistant Sports Director.

An interview with TNL

TNL: This is your 13th year at UAA, what draws you to UAA specifically?

NS: It was a natural fit. When I was living in California in 1999, it was a natural draw to come back home. My mother still lives in Anchorage and now I have a family here, we have to kids in grade school, so it makes things pretty comfortable.

TNL: This is your fourth season at UAA as Assistant Sports Information Director. What made you want this job?

DB: I went to school on the East Coast is Massachusetts as a way to make money. I worked in the athletic department and did basic stuff like stats, returning balls from the sidelines. I had a lot of fun with it. I moved to California and took an internship at Cal Poly State University. I had a lot of fun getting paid to watch sports!

TNL: What specific jobs do you do for the department?

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NS: Both of us in general, we oversee day-to-day maintenance of and write the stories and load photos. There are a lot of other people that go into getting that done too and we have the day-to-day hands on most input for that. We are also historians for the department. We’re the people to come to if you need old stats, pictures or information about stuff that happened back in the day.  We do a lot of layout/ design work, team posters around campus all come from here. Another thing we work a lot on now is our Facebook site. It’s a new facet of the job here in the last few years.

TNL: What is you’re favorite part about this job?

DB: Probably being able to have a flexible schedule. If other things come up I can take off, summer break, watching sports, it’s enjoyable.

TNL: How about the least favorite?

DB: Sometimes working on the weekends as activities are going on that I can’t be apart of.

TNL: What is the most difficult part of this job? Is there anything that is particularly easy for you?

NS: For me, writing comes pretty easily. I feel really comfortable with words. The hardest part for me is keeping up with the technology curve and everything that comes in with video. That’s where as a team Dallas and I compliment each other really well because she’s really good at design and video work. The other hardest part is probably separating emotionally from the results.

TNL: How has this experience been for you so far?

DB: It’s been really great. I grew up down in Kenai, I’m an Alaskan and you can’t pass up the summers here so being able to spend the winter doing something I love and getting the summer off to enjoy it is great.

TNL: You and Dallas have done so much for the UAA Athletic Department, what is it about this job that you love?

NS: I think it’s because I grew up loving sports and especially college sports. It’s a lot of fun to deal with the subject that comes naturally, and its also twice as much fun for me because I’m from anchorage, I went to East and UAA. I get the double bonus of getting to see Alma Matter and having a job that’s fun to come to every day.

TNL: What sports have you played and currently play?

DB: Currently I am playing intramural basketball here as well as cross training with gym, swimming and yoga. Prior to here I did track and field for a division three school and in high school I played almost every sport.

NS: I don’t play any sports. I like to get out and when I was a kid I played baseball and soccer but I never played in high school or anything past that. I just like to get out with my family. My wife and I, we have two grade school kids, we like to get out and hike during the summer.

TNL: Most memorable moment from working here?

NS: Probably when both of our basketball teams went to the Elite Eight, single final four in 2008 at the same time. Crazy couple weeks… We won our respected tournaments. The men were up here the women were in Seattle, lot of craziness and fun here.

TNL: What do you hope to get out of this job and what are your plans for the future?

DB: Just more experience whether it’s with writing, graphic designing, communication within the department, and to build my resume as I move forward in my career. As of right now I plan on staying in this field or something very similar. I see myself here for a couple more years but nothing’s set in stone.