Meet the Seawolf: Steve White


Steve White. Photo Courtesy UAA Athletic Dept.

What brought you here to UAA all the way back in 2008?
My brother (Kevin) was here and he had been here for a year and was coming off the year UAA went to the Final Four. (Fellow Australian) Luke Cooper had also been here. I didn’t really look at any other schools. I pretty much just followed my brother’s footsteps.

So who wins the one and one battles between you two?
We haven’t played in a while. I don’t know, probably him. He was playing (professionally) with the Sydney Kings and recently, in the last few weeks, he just moved down to Melbourne and signed with the team there and will play for them in a month or so.

Best part about Alaska? Worst Part?
Probably the basketball program and the travel we get to do. We get to go a lot of places and see a lot of things with it. I like the snow, too. I had barely seen snow before I came here and now i’ve gotten used to it. Worst part are the weeks that have been like negative 10 degrees.

 Hard to believe you’re just over halfway done with your senior year here?
Yeah, it’s flying by. The coaches really stress how quick everything goes and you don’t really believe it until it happens. I don’t even remember having a preseason this year.


 As a senior and leader on the team, talk about how the team has done so far on the season. Has it lived up to your expectations so far?
I don’t really know what the expectations were because when we came together we had a lot of injuries. I think at one point in time we had five or six guys sitting on the sidelines watching practices and games. I think a lot of people doubted us too. But we’ve had a lot of guys step up and now we have guys getting healthy. Everything is going pretty well for us right now.

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What do you think is your role on the team? Has it changed at all from your first 3 years?

I think it has. When you get older, you start to grow out of your skin a bit. The leadership role becomes more and more important. As a senior and a point guard, that’s my job to help lead the team and keep the guys together. I think I do it fairly well

 You’re a physical education major here at UAA. What would you like to do with that after graduation?
I don’t really know quite yet. I have an interest in personal and athletic training, but I’m not too sure. I have to do my internship over the summer so we’ll see.

 What has been your favorite memory thus far at UAA on the court?

Steve White, UAA Basketball team captain. Photo courtesy Seawolves Athletic Dept.

Probably the Seattle Pacific (GNAC Semifinal) game from last year when Brandon (Walker) hit that shot to win it. That, or a few years ago against Western Washington on the road (88-77 overtime win) was a big one for us.

 Most embarrassing moment here at UAA?


Probably just happened when we played Western Oregon a few weeks ago. I came off a screen on the wing, went to catch a ball and ended up doing the splits and nearly breaking my nose all at the same time. The whole crowd started laughing…and it was pretty funny, actually. I’ve watched it on the film with Coach Orton a few times since. Pretty embarrassing.

 Any Superstitions/Rituals/Traditions you have?
No, I don’t have any but I didn’t realize how big those kinds of things were with some of the guys until this year. Some guys have to wear a certain pair of socks or won’t wear a certain hoodie on game days. I understand it but, at the same time, I think it’s a bit stupid.

I’m a basketball player, but I’m even better at…?
I’ll say rugby.