Meet the Seawolf: Sasha King

Sasha King puts up a jump shot. (Photo courtesy of Sam Wasson / UAA Athletics)
Sasha King puts up a jump shot. (Photo courtesy of Sam Wasson / UAA Athletics)

Sasha King is the starting point guard for the Seawolf women’s basketball team. Since it’s Women’s History Month, I decided it would be cool to have a one-on-one with her about the season, her future plans, women’s sports and her record-breaking performance against Northwest Nazarene.

What is your major and possible career path?

I’m a sociology major, and if basketball doesn’t work out I want to coach. I want to still be involved with ball.

How does being a female athlete differ in playing basketball? Do you feel like you have to work harder because you’re a female to get the same type of recognition?

I mean, nowadays I don’t think people really think about it as much. I know women’s basketball isn’t technically as “interesting” because there’s no dunking and fun stuff going on. (Laughs.)

Unless you’re Brittany Griner (slam-jamming forward playing for Baylor University).

Exactly! So I don’t feel like there’s anything I’m not getting from being a female.

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Who is your favorite female athlete outside of basketball?

Outside of ball… Honestly, I don’t know because I really don’t watch female sports. Well, I used to like Marion Jones but then… (Laughs.) (Ed. note: Jones was popped for steroids.) I guess fit a weird group because I don’t like watching women’s basketball. I only play women’s because I’m not physically able to compete with men.

If you could, would you?

Yeah, more people watch it and people care more about men’s sports than women’s, especially basketball. Even someone of Griner’s caliber wouldn’t be able to compete in the NBA. They would step on her, she’s a man amongst women in her league, but she’s a boy — a child amongst men (in the NBA).

Do you feel like other women feel like they have to work harder?

Yeah I feel like they do because women don’t get paid as much to play the same sport. Think about the WNBA and the NBA.

How was the transition from playing high school basketball to playing college basketball?

In junior college I think it was probably easier. The speed of the game is still different between high school and college. There’s real talent in junior colleges, if you really think about it. The transition wasn’t that bad, changing high school habits to college habits was the hardest thing — like shooting forms and things like that, that’s probably my biggest frustration.

Who was your favorite female basketball player growing up?

That’s the thing — growing up, I didn’t really watch basketball. When I was in high school I liked watching Ivory Latta and Andrea Riley.

Are there female players that you model your game after?

No, not really.

Male Players?

I like Steve Nash — I love his game. I love Rajon Rondo’s game, and I love CP3 (Chris Paul). I like strong point guards.

Let’s talk about the record-breaking game you had against Northwest Nazarene. You had 34 points, and were 9-10 from three and 10-12 from the floor. Was there a chip on your shoulder? You just came back from injury recently, it’s your senior year, they’re your coach’s ex-team, and school rivals…

The funny thing about that game is we got down bad. I guess when games like that happen I get a mindset where I feel like I can’t do worse. So I get a mindset where I’m just going to shoot now, we’re getting a turnover and we’re doing this. We were doing so bad to start I tried to just shoot whenever I could.

When did you realize that you were having a great shooting night?

My mindset never changed from that, and what made it better was everyone was just telling me to keep shooting.

When did you know that you’d broken 3 records?

I didn’t know I made nine (three-pointers) until after the game when coach was like, “The most I’ve ever made is nine of 15 — and I never thought I would say this, but you shot nine of 10.” But I didn’t know what the record was until I read the article the next day.

How do you think the team will do in the post-season?

It’s looking good. I think we’re in fourth place now. The people we’re close with are Northwest Nazarene and MSBU, but they both play each other so one of them is going to take a loss. But I think we’re good because, up until these last couple games we just had, we haven’t had our full team, and we haven’t been 100 percent. I think teams still haven’t seen the real us.