Meet the Seawolf: Lukas Ebner

Photo courtesy of Sam Wasson / UAA Athletics
Photo courtesy of Sam Wasson / UAA Athletics

Lukas Ebner is one of the top Nordic men skiers at UAA. I was honored to have the chance to interview him this past week about the season, Germany, and painted nails.

What is your name, origin, major, and possible career path?

My name is Lukas Ebner, and I’m from Germany originally. I’m pursuing a marketing and finance degree. I want to combine my major with my passion for sports so maybe a job in the marketing department for Nike or Adidas.

How long have you been a skier, and what type of skiing have you done over the course of your career?

I started skiing when I was 6 years old. So I’ve been doing it for a few years now. Then I started doing small regional races and eventually went to the national level. If you make the national team then you race against the best in Europe. I never made the step to the senior national team so that’s why I decided to come to America

Is that the only reason you came?

Well in Germany it’s kind of hard to combine your education and your sports. I didn’t want to quit skiing so I decided to move.

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What did you learn from last year’s season (overseas) that you could apply to your races in America?

Well I guess I learned that skiing in Germany is more competitive. So you get that feeling like “what should I do training wise to keep up with everyone?” You stay more focused and disciplined. Another thing about Germany is that the transition from high school skiing to the next level isn’t that big of a step compared to doing it in the U.S. The competition level is different.

Any team or personal goals you have set for this year?

The season started out pretty good for me. I’d like to keep winning races. For the school I think our best finish was four years ago, so we want to do well this year.

Do you think you’ll be able to?

Yes, I think we will. A lot of people are out because of injury but when everyone is healthy and in shape, I am pretty confident.

Any words of wisdom for up and coming skiers, or maybe someone who wants to join UAA’s ski team next year?

The most important thing is to have fun. Stay focused, train, and practice every day like it’s the most important one. Always be focused.

Any superstitions?

Um… No, not really.

Any pre-game rituals?

Actually, I got my nails painted! [Laughs.] A girl on my team started painting my nails. I won the race, so I figured why stop?