Meet the Seawolf: Kimya Jafroudi

Love of the sport can be a powerful effect on an individual. Sometimes, it can even get a person to trade in their swimsuit and sunny Southern California Weather for a large North Face winter coat and the Alaskan cold.

Case in point: UAA’s new junior defensive specialist/setter transfer Kimya Jafroudi.

This 5’7” Hunington Beach, California native may have seemed a bit crazed at first when she broke the news to her family about her decision to commit to UAA. However, she put it into terms they could understand, and trust in her mental health.

“I just told them that this would be an experience of a lifetime to go (to UAA),” Jafroudi said when speaking of why she choose UAA.

The Seawolves will be nothing but glad that she did choose the green and gold. She brings a pedigree of winning and individual stats that jump right off the page.

Her two past seasons at Orange Coast College saw her win a state title and tournament MVP in 2009, earn First Team Conference honors in 2010. She also etched her name in school record books with the single-season record of 1,027 assists and even a astonishing 64 helpers in a single playoff game.

What makes her so effective on the court? Simply put, a love of the game.

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“I love the game so much and have such a passion for the sport,” Jafroudi said. “I just like to work hard and be the best that I can be for myself and even more for my team. Every time I go out, I try and give it my all for the team.”

The fact that she can play two positions won’t hurt her cause either as she can play both sides of the ball as either setter or defensive specialist.

This, coupled with the fact that she has high expectations, should make her a very useful tool for UAA Head Coach Chris Green and the Seawolves. Jafroudi already can give her hopes for herself and the team this season.

“The obvious answer is to win. I’m hoping that I can come in and contribute as much as I can wherever needed,” Jafroudi said.

An interview with TNL

Most memorable moment in your athletic career so far?

– Winning the state championship with OCC

Most embarrassing?

Probably running into a pole while running for a ball. The pole was ok.

I’m a volleyball player, but I’m even better at…?

– Playing the piano

Favorite meal?

– Persian food

Favorite TV show?

– Grey’s Anatomy

What are you listening to on your iPod currently?

– Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Wayne

Guilty pleasure in life?

– Nutella

When I’m not at a game or practicing, I’m…?

– At home doing my homework

Favorite Athlete? Why?

– Kobe Bryant. I like him because even though every one hates on him, he’s still one of the hardest workers and best players I’ve ever seen play the game.

Celebrity crush?

– Paul Walker

Favorite sport to play other than Volleyball?

– Basketball

And to watch?

– Soccer

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who and why?

– My brother, because he’s going into seventh grade and I’d like to fill his shoes and beat up all the kids who pick on him so they’d leave him alone.