Meet the Seawolf: David Registe

Photo Courtesy if Kelley L. Cox

Athletes come and go through the athletic program at UAA. Some have made more of an impression that others.

David Registe, will be a Seawolf who has left his foot print permanently pressed into the legacy of UAA athletics.

Registe, started his long and successful career with the UAA track and field team in 2007, winning the long jump title at the GNAC championships. Just the next year, Registe won the NCAA long jump title.

In 2009, he stood next to the champion in second place and will look to take the title back this year, already qualifying for NCAA’s. Unfortunately, in 2010, Registe was forced to redshirt due to a problem with his hip flexor. This season, he already seems to be an unstoppable force for the ‘Wolves and has shown nothing but glimpses of returning for another title run.

A interview with TNL:

First off , how is the season going for you?
This year is going alright, I’ve already qualified in long jump for nationals and tied my PR (personal record).

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How are you recovering from last season?
Last season I redshirted because of a hip flexor problem. I have done a lot of rehab on it and this year my hip flexor hasn’t been a problem.

What did you miss the most, while you redshirted?
It feels really good coming back, I missed a lot of the trips last year and I missed my teammates a lot when they went on the trips, so it’s good this year to be with them.

Did you have a hard time getting back in the track routine?
There was no adjusting needed, just hit the road and take care of business and have some fun along the way.

Who do you see as the leaders on the team?
It’s hard to say, because we don’t have team captains or anything and the seniors aren’t automatic role models. We are all kind of leaders in ourselves. There is nobody that is king of everybody else.

What is your most memorable moment with the UAA track team?
Well, my most memorable one is probably getting second place at nationals a couple years ago; standing on the podium very unhappy. Right after the meet, when I got second place the kid that beat me added me on Facebook. That means a lot to me.

What stands out to you the most about you athletic career with the ‘Wolves?
In college, I have made it to nationals every year, and my favorite team event is the 4×100 and we won it a couple years ago at conference. It is one of my favorite moments in track because all the stuff I do is usually individual but to win a team event like that is really cool.

What are you going to miss the most about the track team?
I am going to miss the team atmosphere on trips. Everybody has a lot of fun. Just playing pranks on each other, there is a lot of secret pictures getting taken of people sleeping, you know, things like that.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned, with the track and field team?
I have learned not to take everything for granted. I mean I am really fortunate just to be an athlete here and to get my education at the same time. My dad, pushed me to stick with athletics to get to college and I did. I definitely owe him a lot.

What do you think, helps you perform so well?
I put a lot of pressure on myself and my friends push me a lot as far as first or last. My friends know that that is my attitude. Like this last meet I got second place and my friend and teammate Levi Sutton is already on my back reminding me second place, second place. He knows that that kind of talk pushes me to work harder and better for the future, so they talk a lot of trash to me about second place but they know it helps me out.

What was your favorite trip with the track team?
Well every year, we go to Vegas now and Vegas is always the most memorable trip because the entire team goes. It’s a week long during Spring Break and we go to Vegas and drive to California.

What do you do besides track?
Besides track, I like to coach. I am doing some volunteer coaching right now over at Clark Middle School. After I am finally done actively in track I want to coach.

What are you favorite hobbies?
Everybody knows that I RC (remote control) airplanes and I RC cars. Oh yea, and video games. Those are my three.

What don’t people know about you?
I love playing basketball but I stopped for track. I am also really thankful, for God giving me the opportunity and the ability to perform and have fun, people don’t know that.

Do you see track in your future after college?
This is my last year for college track and field, but I’m definitely going to try and continue on with track and field, we just see how everything goes but I got some work to do.

You’re graduating in the spring, what’s next?
I don’t know what I am going to do yet, I want to coach but I don’t know if I want to teach also.

Photo Courtesy UAA Sports Information

Position: Jumps/Sprints
Year: Senior
Major: Physical Education
Hometown: Palmer, Alaska
Awards/Titles: 2007 GNAC Champion-Long Jump
2008 GNAC Champion-Long Jump
2008 Male Athlete of the Year
2008 All-American- Long Jump
2008 NCAA Div. II National Champion -Long Jump
2009 GNAC Male Track & Field Athlete of the Year
2009 All-American Long Jump