Meet the Seawolf: Audri Pleas

At only 22 years old “Audri” is the Station Manager for the UAA radio station KRUA.

A well known personality on campus, you have probably seen her “creeping” around, seeming to pop up anywhere and everywhere at once, always entertaining and well informed on whatever is going on in your office. Equipped with the right information, a quick wit and the kind of personality that any DJ would covet, this girl has got some mad “swag.”


An interview with TNL

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’ve changed a lot over the last couple of years. At first, I wanted to be an athlete in college ¾I wrestled for six years, but I am very satisfied with where I am at right now, I want to be a lawyer. At UAA I’m going for history and journalism and public communication, but once I have finished here, it’s off to law school. Ultimately though, I want to nurture students, I feel like I will be good with the upper age, miss-fit, and humble person. Maybe I can help them to come out of their shell.

How long have you been interested in radio?

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I got started with the organization in 2008, but I remember listening to KRUA in high school all the way back in 2003. One day the volunteer coordinator stopped me and said, “You don’t need any experience, none of us have the appropriate majors. We just love radio.” And I thought, ‘Oh snap! Radio station? I actually get to talk? People might actually like to listen to my voice?’ It was more curiosity than anything else.

What is your favorite thing about what you do at KRUA right now?

I get to manipulate the “swag” with the volunteer coordinator, t-shirts, and talking to students, reminding them that their student fees are going to this organization and that they should capitalize on that. And I get to talk on air. You know broadcasting is one of those awkward things, you don’t know how you sound until you put those headphones on. It’s interesting to see if you’re going to change your swagger up when you’re on-air, whether you are staying true to yourself as a person.

If you could throw caution to the wind, what would your life look like right now?

If I knew that planes didn’t have the possibility of dropping? ¾Because I hate flying! I would go to a slew of music festivals. I got a chance to go to Bonnaroo this summer, and also (thanks to the concert board) I saw The Flaming Lips! I would learn how to drive and I would become the biggest sneaker head in existence! I would buy the largest collection of shoes! I’m talking about limited editions: old school Jordan’s, high tops, mint condition.

You’re quite the personality on campus; tell me something unexpected about yourself.

Even though I like to be around a lot of people, I love to be by myself. Walking bike paths listening to my music. I probably shouldn’t because there could be bears lurking somewhere, but I so value that innocent time, when you’re by yourself. I don’t think that people really cherish that like they should anymore.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years…¾I used to watch “Bug Juice” and I will never forget this one young lady on there said, “At 27 I’m going to be married, at 29 I should be financially stable, and have everything in order, so that when I meet my companion it’s not just one supporting the other.” I would really like to be in a fruitful partnership, and have a career that’s been nurtured, one that will allow me to go in multiple directions, because we definitely live in a society where we can’t be ‘one trick ponies’ anymore.

 Who do you pull inspiration from?

 My mom. I come from a single parent home, and when I look at that woman… I want to be as genuine, as humble and as selfless as her. When I used to work at Wal-Mart, I would come home and be like “Man, this was just a terrible day!” And she would say, “Don’t even worry about it, because it is a new day tomorrow.” I hope that I can be an ounce of the woman that she is.

And John Skelley, our former administrative assistant, when you meet someone who has such a humane essence, such an incredible work ethic, and such a humble understanding of everyone else around them, you appreciate that.

I hope to be a little piece of everyone on my staff, but ultimately, I want to construct this one atomic-being of Audri.