Mayoral candidate hopes to include UAA in administration, offer bonuses for students

My name is Walt Monegan and I’m running for mayor. I’m also a UAA alumnus, have a campaign team that includes a UA Regent, a UA alumni chapter president, a UA graduate student and multiple other UA alumni. I am on a search committee for the new Justice Center Director and have been involved with the University for years. As mayor, I will continue that relationship.
I understand that the University is a major economic driver for the Anchorage economy, but we can accomplish even more if we partner on key issues. I’d like to see WWAMI-like programs at UAA for a variety of hard-to-fill career paths.
When I was a cop, APD paid for employees’ college expenses. I’d like to explore the idea of paying for students’ expenses in qualified programs before they are hired with the expectation that they work for the Municipality as a police officer, nurse, etc. for a set number of years to repay the costs. I would like the University to play a stronger role in my Administration than it has in previous ones. I would count on ISER, UA faculty and student research to help myself and others improve our governing of Anchorage.
APD has worked very well with the UAA Justice Department in the area of criminal statistics. We can expand these relationships to other departments and other areas. The Municipality would benefit by putting more minds into solving the challenges we all face.
For more information please check out my website: Don’t forget to vote April 7th at the Campus Center, Loussac or City Hall.

Walt Monegan
Eagle River