Massive Monkees storm UAA

Homecoming week is always riddled with special events. There’s a dance, hockey games, shopping cart parades, free food — you name it, it happens.

But rather than be entertained by a magician this year, UAA students have the opportunity to watch hip-hop dancing instead.

“We wanted to stick with the comedian that we always do, and Concert Board does ‘A Cappella (Festivella),’ and in the past we’ve had either a magician or a hypnotist, but the team was feeling like we wanted to do something else,” said Jill Taylor, director of Student Activities. “We wanted it to compliment a comedian and a cappella, so it was discussed a lot in the summer, but it wasn’t until the team fully came back at the end of August that we decided that, yep, we should try hip-hop dance.”

Massive Monkees is a dance crew based in Seattle that has performed on stage with Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Akon, 50 Cent, Ludacris and many other performers. They’ve also appeared on the MTV show “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

Massive Monkees Bust A Move

While here, Massive Monkees will also be doing two workshops, one with the hip-hop dance class, and one invite-only workshop with UAA’s Hip-Hop Club.

“We have such a strong hip-hop club on campus and they’re so excited to have them here,” said Taylor. “They have such energy and passion with their members; they’re always here and they’re always practicing in the Union, and they have that commitment, and now to be able to meet professionals in their field. Yeah, they’re excited.”

Unlike with many other performers that Student Activities brings to UAA for various programs, booking Massive Monkees was a quick process, occurring in less than a month. They also sought out help from the Hip-Hop Club.

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“We talked to the Hip-Hop Club, and they gave us some names, and we talked with some agents that we’d worked with in the past, and those college agencies gave us some names. The Hip-Hop Club looked at a few different YouTube clips and videos and the Student Activities Programming team did, and we ranked them, and Massive Monkees was our first choice, ” said Taylor. “At the end of August, I contacted their agent, we confirmed all the details and we had everything confirmed by early September.”

Massive Monkees will be performing on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Student Union. Tickets are free for UAA students with a valid ID, and general public tickets are $5. The crew will also be performing free teaser routines in the Student Union during lunch passing times earlier that day.