Mason Jennings’ Anchorage debut concert a spring treat

The Bear Tooth Theatre Pub has always been good about getting bands that guarantee a good time and will rock the crowd for First Tap and other celebrations. This year will be more on the mellow side because singer/songwriter Mason Jennings will be making his debut appearance in Alaska.
Jennings is a pop-folk singer and songwriter who is best known for performing solo with an occasional band to back him up. He’s known for his simple, yet emotionally powerful songs like “Never knew your name” and “Something about your love.” In 2007, he released his sixth full-length album and the first released by Brushfire Records – the same label owned by Jack Johnson.
For the May show, it will be just Jennings and his guitar, making the concert unlike the full-band singing and dancing festivals often seen at Bear Tooth.
“We decided on Mason Jennings due to the overwhelming response of the community,” said Dan Fiacco, who books concerts at Bear Tooth. “I get requests for bands often, but I had received a ton of requests for Mason.”
The selection seems to be a complete shift from Bear Tooth’s ninth anniversary performers Ozomatli, whose Latin-influenced rock makes for an evening of energy-filled dancing. But it does show that Bear Tooth shows are branching out to every type of musical genre.
Jennings has been to every state in America except Alaska, and is looking forward to the trip and spending time in Alaska’s wild frontier, a place akin to where Jennings gets many of his ideas for music.
“A lot of [my music] comes from being outside. I spend a lot time being around trees and in wild places in Minnesota, so there’s a lot of inspiration in that,” Jennings said. “That’s kind of the fun of going to new places. You experience something you never experienced before. I always find that’s one of the most inspiring things for me. And everyone I’ve talked to that’s been to [Alaska] has loved it.
Since the concert will be a solo one, Jennings is preparing to unleash a few new songs that are in the works for his next record. He said his new music will be a bit darker than his previous work, with the new album having a heavier tone.
“That’s the fun thing about playing solo,” he said. “You can try all kinds of different stuff and not have to teach it to a band. You can just go with the flow more.”
An acoustic evening with Mason Jennings happens on May 7, with doors opening at 8 p.m. and Jennings hitting the stage at 10 p.m. The show is 21 and over.