Margarita Tropical Fruit Island: A tasteful and memorable beverage for non-alcoholic drink fans

The Margarita Tropical Fruit Island

If sweet and sour are mixed together, it becomes wonderful in many senses. The flavors complement each other well. It’s often unusual to make a sour face from a drink that has some sort of sweetness to it, and the Margarita Tropical Fruit Island beverage is one of those drinks.

To make a Margarita Tropical Fruit Island beverage, you will need the following beverages and mixers to make it perfectly. This drink is very hard to mess up if a step is done wrong, since it is exactly half-sour, half-sweet. If not mixed properly, though, it either tastes too sour or too sweet. Each step to take is crucial because it takes a little bit of skill and just the right amount of each ingredient.

Here is the procedure: Scoop some ice first about halfway into the drink shaker. Fill a quarter of the cup with Welch’s Mango mix. The other quarter is for the watermelon juice. For the pomegranate mixer, you pour a quarter way in the cup. Last, you pour a shot and a half of margarita mix. From there on, use a cocktail shaker to shake ten times, and pour it into a cup with additional ice.

The unique texture of this drink is memorable and makes the flavor all the more enjoyable. It’s not a typical sweet and tropical drink. There is just enough sour and just enough sweet, which blends into a calming aftertaste. There is a sour, bitter flavor when swallowed, but the sweet stuff kicks into the stomach a few minutes later.

This drink will not only quench your thirst, but it also has a certain texture and dimension to its taste. It sparkles a bit and has a hint of fizzy pop. The drink is similar to tasting like a Limeade Italian drink — sweet, sour and full of surprises, depending on the flavor.

To change up the flavor of this particular drink, try adding apple mixer flavor instead of pomegranate, and substitute the watermelon juice with apple juice.


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Drink: The Margarita Tropical Fruit Island

Ingredients: Welch’s Mango mix, Minute Maid watermelon juice, margarita mix, pomegranate mixer, ice

Rating: 4