Manny’s LA drama

Manny Ramirez is proving, yet again, why he is among the biggest jokes in professional baseball.
The Los Angeles Dodgers have made four attempts to sign Ramirez and have been rejected four times. The latest offer was a single-season worth $25-million with an option to extend another year in which Ramirez would still make $20-million.
What this essentially means is that in his first season, according to the LA Times, Ramirez would be the highest-paid player on the Dodgers and would also be the second-highest-paid player in baseball. In the second season, he would still be guaranteed $20-million even if he was playing terrible. But if he played well, he could sell himself to some other team for more money and not have to fulfill any obligations to the Dodgers.
To top it all off, Scott Boras, Ramirez’s agent, said that the offers by the Dodgers were being rejected in hopes that more “serious offers” would come their way.
All right, I realize that Ramirez is one of the most talented baseball players of his generation, but he is waiting for more serious offers? That is amazing. How much more serious can an offer be when, if accepted, Ramirez would be the second-highest-paid player in all of baseball and the highest paid player in Los Angeles?
Among analysts, it is generally agreed upon that if Manny stays in Los Angeles, the Dodgers will be the team to beat in the National League.
So, it doesn’t appear that Manny should be concerned with being in playoff contention, although strange things can happen. It isn’t like Ramirez is looking for a World Series victory since he already has one with the Red Sox, whom he also flaked out on.
I don’t think this has much of anything to do with money anymore. Instead, I think it’s a front to get out of LA for some reason. But he should at least have some class and tell the club that he wants out, instead of using money as a diversion while he looks for a more attractive ball club.
But, at this rate, Ramirez might have to take an offer presented by the Toledo Mud Hens seriously. The Triple-A Mud Hens’ general manager, Joe Napoli, apparently sent a “playful letter” to Ramirez, offering him a salary of $10.54-per-hour salary.
Although he probably gets paid more to tie his shoes every day, that $10.54 might be all he has left after this is all said and done. Ramirez would be all but guaranteed to win Triple-A player of the century-that is if they can find a