Majors Fair promotes departments to undergrads

As midterms are long past, students begin to think less of passing classes and more of what those classes should lead toward. UAA staff set up the Big Green Majors Fair Oct. 26 in hopes of putting students on their best path.

The majors fair in the Student Union Cafeteria allowed students a chance to peruse the different majors offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. students were able to look into the college’s 30 different majors, the fair provided an opportunity for students to apply to their major of choice.

Beverley Hunter, the faculty adviser in charge, set up the fair and organized the presentation of the booths. Hunter seemed to be pleased with the fair and the student response.

“The fair [went] very well,” Hunter said. “We have had fairs before but I don’t believe that we have had so many majors all in the same place before, and while it was thought that the location might not bring through enough foot traffic, we seem to get a good group of people.”

The representatives of the different majors also said the fair went over well with students. Quentin Reuer ran the booth for potential physicians and informed a number of students on what was necessary to prepare for medical school.

“I’ve already talked to 26 students and many of them have not fully understood what they need to do to prepare,” Reuer said. “It is important that students are sure their classes match their goals.”

The main purpose of the fair was for undecided students to visit representatives from a number of majors without having to truck all over campus and make appointments with several different major advisers.

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Josh Bradley, a freshman still looking for the major that suits him best, said the fair was a perfect opportunity for the undecided college student.

“I’ve talked to a few of the representatives, it helps but I haven’t decided yet,” Bradley said. “I’d say the fair is a good idea.”

With the success of this fair, it is likely others will be held. But should any students who missed the fair feel a necessity sign up for a major now, they can begin by either contacting a faculty adviser or the advisers for the majors of choice and ask for further information.