Macklemore: Rapper rocks show

Photo by Tim Brown
Photo by Tim Brown

Last Friday, a line curled around the corner over an hour before the doors opened at the Egan Center. The attraction? Arguably the biggest independent hip-hop duo since the ‘90s: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

It was a sold out concert for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who have been to Alaska many times before, but never to Anchorage.

Lewis, DJ and producer for Macklemore, took the stage and played the opening track, “Ten Thousand Hours.”

As the lights shuttered, Professor Macklemore entered the fold with his back to the crowd and his finger in the sky. After performing his opener — and as the crowd chanted his name — he yelled, “We f—— made it to Anchorage! I even got to eat a moose today!”

With no time to waste, the Sharkface Gang leader went straight into the remaining set, even playing some of the songs from an older project, “The VS. EP.” He interacted with the crowd throughout the whole show, even crowd-climbed on top of front row attendees.

“I love coming to Alaska, and every time I come there’s one thing I do,” said Macklemore. “Alaska has some of the best furriers, but this time we were running late. So I didn’t get to go to one. Does anyone have a fur jacket?”

Someone did, and Macklemore rejoiced that the jacket was Alaskan brown bear. He put the jacket on and went into his most popular song to date, “Thrift Shop.” Wanz, who sings the songs low baritone hook, accompanied Macklemore and Lewis on stage, wearing his famous red suit.

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Other songs, such as “My Oh My,” “Same Love,” “Can’t Hold Us” and “The Other Side” were also on the set list. The crowd was so excited that he could have performed any of his songs and still earned a raucous reaction.

Before leaving, he thanked the audience for letting him eat an Alaskan moose and letting him come to Anchorage to rock out with the Seawolves. But that wasn’t enough for the crowd, who chanted for an encore.

Macklemore closed with “And We Dance” while rocking a blonde wig and a shiny cape.

The Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show officially shut the Egan Center down.