Lunch Break: Thai Kitchen

This week’s Lunch Break takes us to Thai Kitchen, which is located in the west end of a strip mall that sits right on Tudor and Elmore. Feeling starved after a long day of classes, I thought it would be good choice for a quick dinner, as it’s only a 5-minute drive from campus and has been recommended so many times by a few friends.

Upon arriving to the restaurant, we were promptly seated. While the establishment was clean and the staff was friendly, it felt very bare boned and almost seemed like the space was converted from something like a grocery store. I’ve never been one to judge a restaurant on appearances, as taste is king, but I did not feel a cozy welcoming vibe from my surroundings. It was more of an eat-quickly-and-leave feeling.

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The fresh rolls at Thai Kitchen were a little smaller than what I was used to, but they were still good. Photo credit: Young Kim

My friend and I wanted to share a few dishes, and we decided on an order of fresh rolls to start, and then try the chicken and shrimp pad Thai and beef gang ped. The fresh rolls came out first. They were a bit smaller than I am used to getting at other restaurants, but they were good. It might have been the extra minty taste that I liked, or the soft chewy texture of the rice paper. However, I will order these again in the future. The chicken and shrimp pad Thai came out shortly thereafter. What I immediately noticed about this dish was what seemed like an overabundance of crushed peanuts! I advise anyone with a peanut allergy to stay away. Fortunately for me, I have no such allergy. The crunchy toasted taste of the peanuts complemented sweet and savory tastes of the pad Thai sauce. I will order this dish again as well. Third to arrive at our table was the beef gang ped. Initially I liked the curry. It was creamy and sweet, but not overbearing. As I neared the bottom of the serving dish though, The taste for me changed. It was no longer pleasant, but tasted oily and felt heavy. I felt a familiar feeling in my cheeks. It was the same feeling I get when I eat too many tortillas and need to just put everything down and stop eating. This dish I probably will not get again, unless I share it.

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The pad Thai at Thai Kitchen has tons of peanuts. If you have an allergy, make sure to stay away. If not, eat happily. Photo credit: Young Kim

Overall, I was pleased with the experience at Thai Kitchen, and I will most definitely be going back.

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The beef gang ped is a slightly spicy coconut-based curry that's full of bamboo shoots. Photo credit: Young Kim