Lunch Break: Caliente

For Lunch Break this week, we’re taking a look at Caliente, the Student Union’s newest addition to Seawolf Dining. It occupies the space next to Subway where Mein Bowl used to be. Caliente offers UAA students a build your own burrito experience.

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Caliente, which now offers UAA students a build-your-own burrito experience, can be found on the lower level of the Student Union. Photo credit: Young Kim

On Caliente’s menu, one can find burritos and burrito bowls, and a few other options such as quesadillas and chips and guacamole. I found most of the ingredients to be fresh and well seasoned. Overall, I enjoyed the food there and I’m glad I tried it. It was good. That being said, it wasn’t amazing. While each individual component of my burrito was tasty, it didn’t seem like they worked together. One thing that really bothered me about my burrito was my tortilla. I recommend asking the staff at Caliente to heat it for longer so that it is a bit more flexible and chewy. If I’m looking for a burrito, I think I would probably head somewhere else. There isn’t anything that Caliente offers that would convince me to eat there over somewhere like Qdoba, especially for about the same price.

It’s always nice to see new options being added to Seawolf Dining, as it gives students an opportunity to try something different without having to look off campus. Next week, we will venture out and experience something new at Thai Kitchen.