LRC reaches out to help students

He doesn't do it for the money. And he doesn't receive any special benefits. Math tutor Justin Greeneaux uses his knowledge of mathematics to help his fellow students for the pure enjoyment he finds in educating others.

“I do it because I can't think of anything better than discussing mathematics and helping out a stumped student,” Greeneaux said.

Greeneaux is one of eight math tutors at the math lab located in the Sally Monserud Building's Learning Resource Center at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Don't need help polishing up your math skills, but have a few problems with your grammar? Have no fear. The Reading/Writing Center, as well as many other resources, is just down the hallway.

“The great thing about the center is that everything a student needs, from proofreading to typing up a paper to getting help with your language class, can be dealt with on a one-to-one basis,” Jonell Sauceda, LRC manager, said. “During our busy hours, we have two tutors in the math and writing labs and at least one in the other departments. Students won't have a problem with finding a tutor.”

In addition to the many LRC departments, copiers, laminators and machines for comb binding are available.

“In the past couple of years the center has increased its technology a great deal. We have added everything from the copier to Microsoft Word that is in Spanish, French, or German,” Sauceda said.

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English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) and international tutors offer students from abroad an opportunity to sharpen their English and math skills.

“More than half of the tutors in the math lab are Russians with a very high knowledge of mathematics,” Greeneaux said.

“I use the center about once or twice a week to have my papers for English proofread,” said freshman John Pulis. “I go in even if I feel that I don't need to. I find that there is always something that can be improved upon.”

Many students share Pulis' attitude. Whether they need to or not, many students go to the center because they feel that it couldn't hurt.

“More than half of the students that I tutor are here on a regular basis,” Greeneaux said.

To inform students of the resources available, the center has spared no expense on marketing.

“Every type of media has been used to promote the center's resources. Fliers, word-of-mouth, the university handbook, an automated voicemail, the Web and faculty to name a few,” Sauceda said. “The great thing about the center now is that each department works together in efforts to inform students. A few years ago each individual lab advertised separately.”

Is it worth taking the time to use the Learning Resource Center?

“There is nothing better than going in for a half an hour and getting an A on your paper for doing so,” Pulis said.