Love one day a year

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am going to continue with “Reinvention: part three” next week. Today I want to discuss this concept of “love for a day.” I'm sorry, you call it Valentine's Day.

I'm sure you can tell by my sarcasm that this holiday leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I'll tell you why. It runs a close second to Christmas when it comes to commercialism. It also bothers me that there is a day on the calendar to remind people they love someone. It's asinine.            

First of all, Valentine's Day has really been a woman's holiday being that they are the ones who usually reap all the benefits, which I find silly. A relationship is between two people. What about men? Don't they deserve tokens of our undying love? Yes, they do. What are you going to do for the men, ladies?

Instead of buying a whole bunch of junk he could care less about, do something personal, like making him dinner. You can't lose with a man and a meal. You could have his car washed, buy his favorite CD, organize his toolbox or clean his dorm room. The key is to do something male oriented, not something you would like for him to do for you. Most men could care less about flowers or candy. You need to use your imagination. Ask a male friend what he might like, or better yet, ask your mate.

The other thing I hate about Valentine's Day is that people who aren't in relationships feel left out. The holiday symbolizes romantic love, but not everybody is in love. What are they supposed to do on this day? Disappear, slit their wrists or have “loser” tattooed on their forehead? I think not. It is okay not to have a mate, contrary to popular belief. So singles, don't get hung up on significant others.

Why can't the concept of this day be redesigned into something that is inclusive of everyone? Instead of a romantic day, why not just call it the Love Day? It could be a day set aside for all of us to show love and kindness to one another. On this day, no one is allowed to be mean or hateful. Everybody has to do something loving for someone else. I think the world needs a day like this more as a romantic reminder of love.

Think of all the people in the world who have never experienced love. Believe me, these people do exist and it is sad. No one should go through life feeling as though they are not loved. This day has the potential to do more than it does. People, instead of focusing on romantic love, let's go out of our way to show love to someone else this year.

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`Til next week, be safe.