Love at UAA, Brattons meet via foreign exchange

Nine years ago for the Northern Light’s Hot Topic question, students were asked what their best or worst date experience was. Bert Bratton, a history major, stated “I guess my best date experience was I had seen a girl in one of my classes, and I had never really talked to her. Finally, I worked up the courage one day and I saw her in the halls after class, and I just asked her to go to coffee with me the next day. She said yes, and I was pretty excited, and we met up for coffee one day and just really hit it off.” Today, Bert and his coffee date, Alexina are married and will celebrate seven years of marriage in July. TNL talked to Alexina about life at and after UAA.

When did you and your husband go to UAA?

We were there for the school year 2005-2006. We met in Dr. Krosman’s Modern English class at the beginning of spring semester 2006.

Being a foreign exchange student, what did you hope in coming to Alaska?

I came over from Scotland looking for an adventure – I love the outdoors and the cold and wanted to go somewhere I knew almost nothing about. Alaska fit the bill and I never regretted it. We talk about moving back all the time! Bert came from New Orleans to UAA on an exchange year as part of the National Student Exchange Program. He was looking for an experience that was very different from his life in Louisiana. He got his wish! There were lots of firsts for him in Alaska, including snowboarding, glaciers, moose, the northern lights, and watching ice hockey games!

What were your majors?

I was an English Literature major and Bert was a history major.

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How are your lives going now?

Life is great! After we graduated we moved around a lot due to our jobs (Navy Officer, ESL teacher) including Poland, Athens, Georgia, Groton, Connecticut, Guam and for the past three and a half years Washington DC. We have both managed to do grad school here. Bert got his MBA at Georgetown, and I got my Master in Speech-Language Pathology at George Washington University. In July we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary! Thanks to the Navy our adventures continue, maybe one day back to Alaska!