Locker room remodel nears finish for the fall

The locker room construction in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex is nearing completion.

When school starts, the areas will be open for students to shower and change in or out of workout gear. The new lockers, however, won’t be installed quite yet. That will happen over the long Labor Day weekend.

The pool and other facilities will also be open on Aug. 24 for regular operations. A schedule of times can be picked up at the issue cage.

With the extended project time comes an opportunity to improve another issue that has needed to be dealt with. There has been a drainage problem, particularly in the women’s locker room since 1978, according to Kevin Silver, the director of recreational sports.

Part of the floor has been sloping away from the drains causing water from the showers to pool.

“While waiting for the lockers to get here, we’ve been able to get approval for the water issue,” Silver said.

When all is said and done, both the women’s and men’s locker rooms will now house the cross-country, track & field and ski teams.

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Rooms built for each of these teams will lessen the amount of locker space for the public from 400 to 128 lockers. This will no doubt effect the general population but in exchange for that space, there are much nicer, newer lockers and facilities.

More durable flooring in some areas, to withstand the wear and tear of hockey gear and other equipment, as well as shower improvements have also been made.

Basketball, volleyball and hockey teams will now also have more space and each will have their own showers.

“I think the new locker room arrangements are great for the whole department,” Rusty Osborne, UAA men’s basketball coach, said. “Our locker room was beginning to show its wear, so the update is a welcome change for our players and coaches.”

“The improvements are great because everyone gets their own space,” Tim Moser, UAA women’s basketball head coach, said.

Volleyball coach Chris Green has similar feelings stating that the players will have a little more privacy and a place in which to take pride.

“Being able to watch game film will be very important to us,” Green said. He also said that it’ll be a nice change to have “a place to go as a team knowing there won’t be other athletes wandering through.”

Overall, the improvements are being welcomed graciously and the brief delay in completing the work should cause few, if any, problems for anyone.