Local scene finds a voice on the airwaves

Tune the radio to KGOT 101.3 at 10 p.m. and you’ll have the chance to vote on two competing popular songs in DJ Dillion Kincaid’s Big Ass Battle. Tune in at 10 p.m. on a Friday night and you can let the local artists know how they rate. In a first contest of its kind in Anchorage, Kincaid is collecting and playing tracks from local bands and asking listeners to call in to vote for a victor.

Kincaid started featuring the local music on Fridays five weeks ago. During his nightly show, DK’s Playhouse, he asked local musicians to send in samples of their work, and so far four resident groups have been matched up in battling duos. Still in the growing and developing phase, a battle may continue between a champion and challenger until that champ has won five times. After three top local groups have each been retired from a five-time streak, Kincaid said there will be a concert sponsored by KGOT featuring the winners.

“I’ve always been about giving local artists some air time. We need that,” Kincaid said. “They need to get aired to bring some light to Alaska.”

So far, Crail, Kincaid (a band), X-Nilo and Marty Motem and Mike Weezy have been given an aural spotlight. X-Nilo has won every battle so far, which may make them the first retired champions and participants in the anticipated concert.

The door of on-air opportunity has been opened a little wider. The future of the battle depends on the local scene. Kincaid said he is waiting to receive more music from interested artists.

“As far as the music, all they have to do is send it in,” Kincaid said.

Anything goes, except cussing, he said. He has played punk, rock and hip-hop, including Motem and Weezy’s “Welcome to Alaska” based on Jermaine Dupri’s “Welcome to Atlanta.” Kincaid is simply waiting for more entries.

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“After getting (our song) on 90.3 KNBA, the sky was the limit from there,” Michael Worthy, AKA Mike Weezy, said. “I went straight to Stu from KGOT, and I had perfect timing. Stu was just planning the Big Ass Battle.”


The competition thus far

From: Anchorage
Genre: Christian new school punk
Discography: Freak (2002)
Out of Nothing (releasing at Club Millennium Sept. 13)

As it stands, this Christian five-man group is the Big Ass Battle champion. All under age 20, it looks like Blake Hufman, Jason Moore, Tyler Williams, Greg Tetrault and Mike Snowden will close out the summer with the Big Ass Battle champion title and two albums under their belt.Visit their Web site at X-nilo.net.

From: Wasilla
Genre: Rock
No Web site or e-mail available. Check for shows at AK This Month or AUTVonline.com.
Marty Motem and Mike Weezy (Anchorage)
Genre: Hip-hop

Martin Goens and Michael Worthy have been enjoying hip-hop together since they first met in high school in 1992. In 1999, the two started talking about creating their own song. After hearing Dupri’s “Welcome to Atlanta,” they thought: “You know, he’s putting his city on the map. Atlanta sounds so close to Alaska. Hmm, why can’t we have a song that represents our city?” Goens is a UAA graduate. Worthy said the two want to continue making hip-hop for Alaska. “We would like to work with any aspiring artists in the area,” he said. “We are about bringing light to this city.”

Contact Motem and Weezy at [email protected]