Localize It: Throw, trim, glaze, repeat

Photo credit: Maxine Fekete

UAA’s Department of Art is home to many students, all with different focuses and artistic passions. Maxine Fekete, a current pre-Bachelor of Fine Arts program student, can often be found in the ceramics room on campus.

While Fekete had shown an interest in pottery since she was in middle school, she didn’t decide it was a career she wanted to pursue until a few semesters ago. After finding her passion, she is set to apply for the BFA program next year, and will continue to build her ceramics portfolio until then.

“I always kind of knew I was going to get an art degree, but it’s hard to not struggle with that idea, and wonder what I’m supposed to do with that degree and how I’m going to make money with it. I’m excited for the challenge at the same time,” Fekete said.

Photo credit: Maxine Fekete

While being a student, Fekete is also currently the secretary of the UAA Clay Body Club. In the club, ceramic students are able to create whatever they want on the wheel, and then sell those items for a profit. Each student gets 60 percent of each sale, and the other 40 percent goes to the club funding. Clay Body has multiple sales a semester, in order to both raise money to bring up artists from out of state for workshops and to send ceramic students to events outside of Alaska.

“We are hoping to go out of state soon, to either a conference like [National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts] or just a city that has all sorts of art galleries for us to draw inspiration from,” Feteke said. “I think it’s really important to get the chance to see what artists are putting out into the world for us, it’s amazing that Clay Body gives us that chance.”

Photo credit: Maxine Fekete

After finishing her degree, Fekete says the dream is to own her own studio and be able to make a living off of the sales her ceramics make. Before that, she hopes to possibly go to graduate school for ceramics and focus on other aspects of art she enjoys, such as drawing.

“I love wheel throwing and ceramics because I get to make something that someone can use. I’ll make a cup with this idea of what someone can use it for, and to see them do that is really cool. It assures me that this is what I wanna do with my life, during and after school is finished,” Fekete said.

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The UAA Clay Body Club’s next sale occurs on Dec. 8.