Localize It: Ghost Complex

While successful musicians are often widely known for one specific instrument they excel in, or genre they play to, they likely dip their toes into other aspects of music as well. Alberto Alcala is one of those individuals.

Most people in Anchorage know him as the vocalist for local hardcore band Old Hounds, but few know about his one man side project he started at the beginning of 2016, titled Ghost Complex. The name Ghost Complex refers to Alcala’s view on himself when he was younger, and the way he thinks others viewed him.

“It is a reflection on me in high school. I had friends, but I was shy and did a lot of standing on the sidelines. I was a ghost,” Alcala said.

Since its origin, Ghost Complex has put out one EP on bandcamp, titled “They Don’t Know What You Don’t Show.” The EP features four tracks, with Alcala solely playing the guitar on the beginning and ending tracks, and the two middle tracks having added vocals.

“This is something I’ve wanted to start for years, I’m really happy to have it up and going. I want to do a lot more with Ghost Complex in the next few months,” Alcala said.

Listening to Ghost Complex feels like music that would be playing in the calm of a storm; it is soothing yet provokes emotion simultaneously. This is the appeal of the songs, they are there to make the listener feel something, yet at the same time, soothe the listener with the acoustic element the guitar brings.


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“City and Colour had a big influence on the EP. A lot of instrumental progressive bands helped me create my own sound for Ghost Complex,” Alcala said.

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Ghost Complex’s latest EP was recorded with Demetrik Grissom, under his local studio called Bloom To Fade. Michelle Boone was there to witness the recording of the EP, and spoke very highly of Alcala’s talent.

“Seeing Alberto in his element doing something he’s so obviously good at was such an awesome thing to witness. “They Don’t Know What You Don’t Show” tells a cool story and just feels good to listen to,” Boone said.

Ghost Complex is much different compared to Alcala’s other work in Old Hounds, but it shows his massive range of capabilities as an artist. Ghost Complex plans to put out new music very soon that will stick with the same sound, but expand and grow as well.