Localize It: Getting down to business with Peak Audio

Sophomore Chidiebere Iwouha displays how his wireless earbuds fit in the ear in a profile view. His target audience for this product are those in the fitness community. Photo credit: Young Kim

Chidiebere Iwouha, a sophomore in the business program at UAA, has recently released a new product called Peak Audio. These are wireless headphones that he is currently selling through Amazon for profit. At 20 years old, Iwouha has found himself becoming an entrepreneur through Peak Audio, already selling out on his first order.

“Fitness has always been a big part of my life, and when I thought about what I wanted to start selling, it just made sense to find a product that could be used for that. Then I had the idea about headphones, wireless specifically, and found the manufacturer that I thought was the best fit,” Iwouha said.

Iwouha’s target audience for these headphones are primarily people who are in the fitness community, but anyone can use Peak Audio’s headphones. They come in a compact case that allows the headphones to be portable and easily accessible and can be charged with any access to an outlet.

While Iwouha’s business is still fairly new, he has already found himself selling out of his product online within the first few weeks of its initial release. It took him several months of testing products and figuring out the exact brand of headphones he wanted to sell, and it proved to be challenging to find a quality product that would sell to his preferred audience.

Chidiebere Iwouha, student in the business program, has already sold out of his first order of his wireless earbud product, Peak Audio. Iwouha plans to release more products in the near future. Photo credit: Young Kim

“There were a few different companies that I tried out before I found the ones I am currently selling, but none of them had as good of a connection as the ones Peak Audio currently has. I know I wouldn’t want headphones that worked poorly, so I wanted to make sure I was selling a good product,” Iwouha said.

As a business owner now, Iwouha has to take things like advertising and branding, competition and customer service into account. If he does not perform well in these areas, his product will not sell.

“I think my timing with the release of these wireless headphones worked out well, because now that Air Pods are a thing, people want wireless headphones more and more. Peak Audio offers an alternative option that are less expensive which has really been a good marketing strategy for me,” Iwouha said.

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Currently, Iwouha’s only product through Peak Audio are the wireless headphones, but he plans to release more products through the brand in the future.