Local marijuana retailer is a major hit

Excitement in the community has grown after the grand opening of Alaska Fireweed on Dec. 17. With its transition from local skate shop ‘AK Boardroom’ into the recent marijuana retailer Alaska Fireweed, residents are eager to check out the newly opened cannabis shop. Located downtown on West Fourth Avenue, AK Fireweed continues to gain more and more customers each day.

“We sell nothing but the finest cannabis and related products from the best growers and manufacturers across Alaska,” Will Ingram, general manager at Alaska Fireweed said. “It’s a high-end boutique-style shop which we hope makes people feel comfortable yet excited upon their purchase, and that experience gets them stoked to come back time and time again.”

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Alaska Fireweed presents Alaskan cannabis recreationists with an opportunity to know exactly what it is they are purchasing. Shown here is the shop's magnifying glass used to view different strains of cannabis for sale. Photo credit: Young Kim

After 10 months of planning and filling out paperwork, the opening was a success and AK Fireweed has remained busy since the opening.

“Opening day was just nuts, I’m not exactly sure how many people came through, but I can estimate I probably helped 500 people in the first couple of hours easily,” Ingram said. “It was just non-stop and it’s been like that every day since, in fact, I feel as if it gets busier every day.”

As of now, Alaska Fireweed is selling cannabis flower from local cultivator, Greatline Ganja. There are two indica strains, Northern Lights and White Widow and three sativa strains, Space Rip, Jack the Ripper and Pineapple Express.

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Found on 715 W Fourth Ave. in downtown Anchorage, Alaska Fireweed serves as one of the city's newest legal marijuana retailers. Photo credit: Young Kim

“Their best selling strain so far has to be Jack the Ripper,” Ingram said. “This is a very Sativa dominant strain which can be very uplifting and motivating for most users. It tends to make the smoker a little more awake, aware and active, which can complement the lifestyles of many active Alaskans seeking something a little more out of their hobbies.”

Because marijuana retailers are still fairly new in Alaska, many customers are in awe when buying cannabis products from a store.

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“It was cool to get a receipt for weed, it’s something you wouldn’t expect to happen, like buying jewelry, looking in the case with the magnify glass, pick out what you want versus getting what you get then getting a slip for it,” MacKenzie Vuckovich, Anchorage resident, said.

An upside to buying from a marijuana retailer is knowing exactly what you’re buying and where it came from.

“It is a place to get weed, a place where you can go and know what you’re going to get, know what strain, and have the knowledge of what you’re going to smoke,” Sam Ingram, lead register at Alaska Fireweed, said.

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Alaska Fireweed offers a boutique-like experience for cannabis and related products. Photo credit: Young Kim

This new industry is exciting for customers down to the smallest detail.

“It’s pretty surreal going from brown paper bags to non-smell fancy bags,” Vuckovich said.

After being opened for a month, Alaska Fireweed continues to have customers line up outside the door prior to opening. Because the demand for marijuana is so high, the shop faces low supply but can reassure that they will not run out of product anytime soon. They are looking into expanding cannabis products which are also in high demand.

“It’s a mad house in here, we’ve consistently had a line outside the door every day they are open, and it’s pretty much non-stop with customers flowing in all day long,” Ingram said. “I think the thing we are most looking forward to are more cultivators and manufactures coming online to the legal market place.”

Alaska Fireweed is one of the few marijuana shops open in Anchorage and holds an exciting future as a local shop providing customers with knowledge and welcoming customer service on this growing cannabis industry. As of now, they are open Thursday though Saturday from 2 – 8 p.m.