Local lineup to perform at TapRoot

On Sept. 30 at 10 p.m., TapRoot will be hosting a show featuring a few of Anchorage’s most well known bands. While it may seem easy to call this just another indie show, the bands that are playing show so much more depth and variety that deserve much more than simply one classification. The diverse range of music they play works together to form a unique sound that stands out, and it will for sure be something that no one will want to miss out on.

Granddad is a three piece band consisting of Kellen Baker on guitar and vocals, Bobby Ziegler on bass and Matt Harris on drums. This band has roots in Fairbanks, but they moved to Anchorage last year to pursue a bigger audience. They have two records out currently, an album titled “Best Friends” and a newer EP, “Dumped.”

Baker is the songwriter for the group, and his perspective allows for a unique look on life through his lyrics. He writes very personal lines about being a homosexual and the struggles that come with that in today’s society.


“We don’t want to do anything cliche, we love putting on a show with positive and inviting space for everyone to participate,” Harris said.

Next on TapRoot’s lineup is Dutchess, a four person band featuring Hans Thedinga on guitar, Jonathan Reeves on drums, Jacob Dee on bass and Drew Jones on guitar. This band is based in Anchorage, and has two EP’s currently released, “Dutchess” and “Love is For Losers.”

Dutchess embodies a psychedelic rock and shoe gaze sound. They draw inspiration from bands such as Interpool, Queens of the Stone Age and Animal Collective.

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“I always enjoy the energy of a live audience. I like watching people party, so when I am on stage I try to get them to do that,” Dee said.

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Dutchess is a well-known band in the Anchorage area, and they always put on an amazing show for anyone who will watch. This indie rock group is one that no one in Anchorage should go without listening to.

Harm is a seven piece band featuring members from all over Alaska. They will be the final band at the show at TapRoot. Harm features a variety of instruments that aren’t as commonly heard in their music, such as the banjo, clarinet and even beat boxing.

Matt Roberts, Harm’s bass synth player says the band has a “psych folk, emphasis on psych,” sound to it, and draws inspiration from artists such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Cross Record and Dark Dark Dark.

Heather Warren, Harm’s beat boxer and poet, also agrees that the band has a psych folk sound, but also with a “splash of hip hop.”

“I like to describe Harm’s sound as non-normative. I love asking other people this question because the answers are so diverse in description and perception,” Warren said.

Harm has released an EP recorded in spring 2015, and is set to record a full length album this coming January, with a release date to be determined. This band is unique and real in a way that allows for so many talented individuals to come together to form a cohesive and successful act.

With a lineup of bands like this one, TapRoot’s show this coming Friday will be sure to do anything but disappoint. Make sure to stop by and experience the music put out by some of the most successful and exceptional bands Alaska has to offer.