Local clothing company continues to proudly represent fellow explorers

The 49th Supply Company has been keeping Alaskan’s fashionable for over two years now. Whether it’s hiking, camping, skateboarding or exploring, they have a unique design to fit the outdoor lifestyle.

They have a wide range of products such as hats, beanies, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and other exclusive accessories. The 49th Supply Co. have done many collaborations with other local companies like Blue & Gold Boardshop, Humpy’s and recently the Alaskan Brewing Company. They were also a sponsor and executive producer the local skate film “Exposure” which sold out at Bear Tooth. The 49th Supply Co. will hit their three-year anniversary in November.

John Idano, owner and creative director of The 49th Supply Co, moved to Alaska in 2008. After opening the restaurant Shaka Shack in the 5th Avenue mall, The 49th Supply Co. was soon born.

“I got tired of flipping chickens all day, so I just started doing the brand behind the counter and it eventually took off,” Idano said.

Idano went to Junior College in San Diego and graduated with an associate of arts then went to the Art Institute of San Diego shortly after. Although Idano has education experience in design, his skills are mainly self-taught. As creative director, he is responsible for the designs of the brand, from hand drawn designs to computer graphics. Idano also has many obligations that come with owning a clothing brand. Each individual article of clothing is tagged, labeled and folded to prepare for online orders, which is then personally packaged and shipped to customers. Since this brand grew popular in a short amount of time, Idano began working full time at 49th Supply Co. starting in May 2016.

Photo credit: Photos courtesy of 49th Supply Co
Photo credit: Photos courtesy of 49th Supply Co

There are many different types of Alaskan clothing in the market. Some of the designs were unbearable for Idano, which encouraged him to create The 49th Supply Co.

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“I actually got tired of personally seeing neon green big dippers and ‘907 this’ and ‘907 that,’” Idano said. “So I wanted to make something Alaskans could be proud of.”

One of the main problems for The 49th Supply Co. starting off was getting their name out in a saturated market. However, it didn’t take long for their unique designs to stand out from the other competitors.

“We wanted to go with something a little bit different, more bold, but keep simple and clean designs,” Idano said.

Alaska is described as the biggest inspiration for The 49th Supply Co. Anything from nature to pop culture in Alaska plays a large role in their designs. Still, the inspiration for The 49th Supply Co. is to create something for Alaskans to proudly represent their state.

Nikoshane Santa Ana, team rider for The 49th Supply Co, is a proud supporter and representative of the brand.


“To me, its an Alaskan lifestyle brand. It represents Alaskans: clean, simple, hardworking and adventurous,” Santa Ana said.

The most important thing about The 49th Supply Co. is the meaning behind each piece of clothing. The people behind this brand show their love and pride clearly through their work.

“It’s a family, it’s not even a brand to me,” Idano said. “To this day, I feel like anybody that’s really into the brand feels like they’re apart of something.”

Don Chon, production director of The 49th Supply Co. has been working with the brand for over a year now.

“Working with The 49th Supply Co. showed me what authenticity really looks like. Starting from the ground up in creating a brand, with hard work and consistency people will recognize the movement and will follow that passion. This brand has shown me a new outlook on life and how to live by taking your time and each moment,” Chon said.

The group of people behind The 49th Supply Co consists of a creative group of photographers, filmers, screen printers and skateboarders. The most important people behind the brand are the customers representing and supporting The 49th Supply Co. Although The 49th Supply Co. does not have their own store, they eventually would like to open their own shop.

The 49th Supply Co. clothing is sold online at The49thsupplyco.com, Blue&Gold Boardshop, The Mercantile (4th Ave), Body Piercing Unlimited (5th Ave), Infusions (Wasilla), Sequence Boardshop (Juneau), Boarderline Legacy (Juneau), Zumiez located in the Dimond and 5th avenue mall and nationwide through Zumiez online.