Local Anchorage pizzeria ranks #3 in America

Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria in Anchorage claimed the bronze medal on Trip Advisor’s top 10 pizza restaurants. The business ranks at a 4.5/5 based on roughly 1,700 reviews from the site.
America’s top 10 best pizzerias go as follows:

1. Juliana’s Pizza, Brooklyn, New York
2. Pizza Time of St Augustine, St. Augustine, Florida
3. Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria, Anchorage, Alaska
4. Keste, New York
5. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco
6. Regina Pizzeria, Boston
7. Antico Pizza Napoletana, Atlanta
8. Bill’s Pizza, Palm Springs, California
9. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, New Haven, Connecticut
10. John’s of Bleecker Street, New York

Daniel Clyde, Anchorage resident believed that the establishment was worthy of such high ranking.
“They deserve it! Not only do they provide amazing customer service, they have delicious pizza and a wonderful menu. I’ve never had a problem when going there, besides maybe a wait because hundreds of people want that pizza!”
Owner Rod Hancock started the establishment with partner Matt Jones on June 15, 1996. Hancock was pleasantly surprised to hear the ranking of the business.

“Part of understanding your business is monitoring comment cards and social media sites like Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon, and Yelp. You can learn a lot about what you are doing right and wrong through these public input channels. We knew our average rating was fairly high on Trip Advisor, but we had no idea that it would rank us nationally. It is a great honor to be named as a top 3 pizza restaurant.”

Sydney Peterson, nursing major at UAA expressed her excitement for her previous employer.

“I worked at Moose’s Tooth for almost a year; so many people from around the world came just to have pizza! One family from India told me that they had a 14 hour flight to Alaska and had just landed, and they waited 2 hours just to get a table because they had heard about the pizza and Moose’s Tooth was one of their top to-do’s in Alaska. I think I personally consumed every different concoction of pizza the cooks had come up with while working there, and even now if I order I always get the same thing, an order of Diablo Sticks and a half and half of Amazing Apricot and Spicy Thai Chicken!”

Hancock discussed his work ethic with TNL and the challenges every business faces.

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“The Moose’s Tooth specializes in pizza. It is a real love of ours and we want to make the best product possible. When you focus on a single thing, it’s easier to make it great. We also have continuously reinvested in the business. Our success has challenged many systems through the years and we are constantly putting money back into the business to improve infrastructure, staffing, and the customer experience. Additionally, we love working and living in Alaska. When you feel connected to a community, you try harder. Finally, our staff is amazing. It feels like family. Many signature menu items have been developed over the years by our staff. One of our pizza chefs, who is also a kitchen manager, was tossing pies with me the first day we opened, June 15th, 1996. Experience makes great pizza.”

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