Linsanity to UAA, nicknames are sparked from greatness

enior Curtis Leinweber pushes the puck up the ice for UAA. This season, Leinweber has gone from defenseman to forward and is second on the team with 14 points (as of Feb. 21). Photo from TNL archives.

One thing synonymous with great sports players are great nicknames.

Currently the most noticeable victim of nicknaming is New York Knicks’ guard Jeremy Lin, who has spurred the creation of terms and names like Lintastic, Linsanity, and (a personal favorite) Super Lintendo. This all started after Lin was catapulted into NBA spotlight when he helped propel the Knicks to seven consecutive wins in less than a month.

Other famous sports monikers have been like that of X-Games triple threat Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White, due to his flowing red locks of hair protruding from various helmets. Possibly the most noteworthy running backs in football history, Walter Payton, was given the nickname “Sweetness” because of how easily he was able to maneuver through and away from defensive tackles. And who could forget boxer “Sugar” Ray Leonard whose finesse and skill in the ring greatly contrasted other boxers’ movements.

These are all examples of greatness leading to noticeable nicknames. The recognition of a nickname by the public implies greatness; well in a few cases it implies stupid things done by the athlete but, in most cases, it’s greatness.

So in order to recognize the awesome stats that the various UAA teams have enjoyed this year, here are some ideas for nicknames for some of the Seawolf athletes.

Kaylie “robbin’ some rebounds” Robison: this senior forward is in her second season with Seawolves basketball. In the 2010-2011 season she was the 4th leading offensive rebounder in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference and in the ‘Wolves most recent game finished with 14 points, seven rebounds and two blocks in a game on Feb. 16.

Curtis Leinweber, “Assist-osaurus Rex”: Not only does this senior forward/defenseman from Canada have 47 career points but leads the Seawolves with 30 career assists.

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Jaime “Br-ing it-onga”: as a senior Nordic skier, Bronga has a long list of accomplishments for the Seawolves. Most recently she led the women’s Nordic team with a two consecutive 4th place finishes at the Anchorage Invitational, one in the 5K and one in the 10K freestyle races. Bronga is also a three time All-American and has yet to finish worse than fourth all season.

Jackie “make it happen” Matthisen: although the volleyball season is over, Matthisen, a senior outside-hitter, helped the Seawolves to a 18-9 record in 2011. Matthisen was the GNAC Player of the Year and ended her career on UAA’s all-time kills list with 1,134.

Even if these nicknames do not stick, they are a representation of the great things these athletes, and many more who were not given nicknames because that would be crazy, have done throughout their careers and in the 2011-2012 season.