Library, college specific study rooms, and empty classes are the best study spots on campus

With finals week approaching, students will be forced to study and find study spots. For students who favor the Consortium Library as a study spot, there are certain things students need to do to ensure having a study room during finals week.

“Definitely book [study rooms] far in advance,” Keelin Baughmin, library technician said. “If you try to come in frequently during finals there’s about a wait of about two or three hours on average.”

Baughmin recommends different parts of the library for students who prefer complete quiet versus ambient noise.

“Depends on how you like to study,” Baughmin said. “Some people like dead silence and so the best place would be the second floor of the library. Some people need kind of ambient noise, so Kaladi’s or the first floor is usually best because you get those rustling noises.”

For students really interested in studying during finals week, after hours will again be open for the period of time leading up to and during finals.

“We are open for finals [for late night] starting the seventh, the Wednesday before finals,” Baughmin said. “During that, we’re going to be open till 2 a.m. like we used to be during other finals. It’s just during the regular semester that we can’t.”

Baughmin attended UAA and majored in German when she was a student. During her finals weeks, she liked to utilize empty classes all over campus for studying.

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“There’s a lot of classrooms they just leave unlocked and you could kind of just walk in, and that’s what I would do,” Baughmin said. “I usually just go to the [Social Sciences Building] because usually the shuttles would take me straight from the dorms to here so it would just be easy…So like Beatrice McDonald, Gordon Hartlieb, a couple of those around there, no one ever goes in so you can just sit down, and they’re usually pretty quiet.”

Mark Simon, a political science major, is working on his fifth year at UAA, and he prefers last minute cram studying for finals on the SSB fourth floor.

“As for my personal preferences is quiet study places there’s actually a fourth floor to the SSB,” Simon said. “That staircase in the middle goes all the way up to the roof, and no one ever goes up there. So if you are just looking for a quiet place to sit on the floor and not have anyone bother you, top of the staircase. I know that’s a weird one, but it’s funny, and I’ve gone up there once or twice during finals weeks to hammer out a paper that I need to work on or catch a couple of minutes of sleep. No one ever goes up there.”

Outside of the SSB fourth floor, Simon also recommends students try to find and utilize the designated study rooms for specific colleges at UAA.

“If it gets a little later, I go to the political science lab,” Simon said. “I know a couple different programs have labs in their respective offices, it’s usually free to print in there, which is good if you are running low on printing dollars.”

When Simon lived in student housing, he preferred to use the library over the study rooms available in the dorms because those rooms tended to be full and noisy.

“My go to [study spot] is in the ARLIS [Alaska Resources Library and Information Services] library. There’s that kind of courtyard area under the glass and you can just sit there, it’s a quiet study area, they’ve got like eight seats there, internet’s good there, they’ve got powerstrips there so it’s a good place to set up a laptop and be there for eight hours,” Simon said.

Jasson Leatham, aviation administration major likes to study on campus, even though he lives off campus, because it helps hims stay focused.

“The problem is at home I have a lot of distractions. It is nice to study at home because I am comfortable, but I also find myself falling asleep a lot easier, too,” Leatham said. “I like to study in the library because it’s quiet and you can sometimes reserve a room and have a group study… Also if I just have a small assignment that I want to refresh on before I get to class, I study right here in the Union. It’s all about preference I would say — if you are trying to be warm, if you’re trying to have a group around you, or if you are trying to socialize while you study.”

Finals are right around the corner, and reservations for library rooms fill up fast. If library study rooms run out, students can always do what Simon and Leatham do and utilize their college’s specific study rooms.