Letter to the Editor

Voter not swayed by Palin’s nomination

Last Friday, the choice for the 2008 Presidential election became more difficult for many Alaskans with the introduction of Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate. I suspect that this news may have swayed some people in their nomination, but I would not consider myself among them. I decided that I would vote for Barack Obama when he won the Iowa caucus in January. Since then, I’ve asked myself many times what specific issue drew me to Senator Obama’s campaign, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Over the course of this summer I think I’ve finally been able to answer that question. Barack Obama’s career has been focused on helping the average person pursue a better life. His presidential campaign has been about achieving that goal on a national scale. When he speaks hejavascript:replaceBreaks(); asks all Americans to dream of a brighter future, and as president he will ensure that we can have the tools necessary to attain it. The inclusiveness and encouragement in his message has inspired millions of Americans that have been faced with hardship over the last eight years to work toward a more prosperous tomorrow, and it is only with that sense of hope in mind that we can surmount the challenges that are facing our nation today. Barack Obama asks us to believe in our potential to improve our nation for ourselves and the generations that will follow us, and this faith in the ability if people to change their circumstances capture’s the spirit of this election.

Katherine Osborne