Letter to the Editor

Abortion protest meant to inform, not inflame

I feel compelled to address concerns and feelings of those opposed to the Genocide Awareness Project. First of all, Students for Life is not against anyone; we in no way want to hurt women that have had abortions or anyone involved in the act in any capacity. We simply have two main goals that drive everything that we do.

1) Education: so that people will be able to make informed decisions.

2) Show we care: We care about men, women, the unborn, our nation, etc. We care about what everyone has to say, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to voice their concerns. In fact, next semester we desire to host a debate or even a public meeting where all are welcome to engage.

Abortion is genocide by definition. Webster’s New World Encyclopedia, Prentice Hall General Reference, 1992, defines “genocide” as “The deliberate and systematic destruction of a national, racial, religious, political, cultural, ethnic, or other group defined by the exterminators as undesirable.” Abortion is the deliberate, systematic killing of the unborn deemed “unwanted.” These unborn people differ from us in just four ways: size, level of development, environment and dependence. Once again, this is not to condemn anyone. Our intent is to simply reveal the truth about abortion because we care.

Julie Thomas

President, Students for Life