Letter to the Editor

USUAA president apologizes for ‘offensive platforms’ used by assembly members

In the April 1 issue of The Northern Light (“Learn where your candidates stand”), several members of the assembly who are running in the elections decided to be “edgy” and post what I consider to be offensive platforms. Perhaps, I would not mind if these individuals were not already members of USUAA, but the information came from people who currently serve on USUAA and share my struggle with improving the credibility and professionalism of our organization. Strippers with tacos and “girls going #2” may get attention, but clearly it’s not the type of attention that USUAA wants to be known for. USUAA has spent the last year attempting to gain the respect and trust of the student body; I feel that last week’s display was a slap in the face of students who are forced to give us their $12. I would like to apologize on behalf of USUAA for the disrespect shown to you all.

John Roberson III
USUAA President