{Letters to the editor}

After soccer, UAA could add football

It is nice to see that UAA is proposing new athletic programs (“Soccer team proposal submitted to board of regents,” June). Soccer is a natural fit for the Great Northwest Athletic Conference, but it will be interesting to see where we would play our games. I have an idea for our 14th sport, though. Football!

Donald Leaver

Bossier City, La.


Get soccer going

I imagine that a soccer program would help bring in more students than any other sport. Get it going!

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John Newell

Juneau, AK


Breastfeeding women should be discreet

Some of us are uncomfortable with the sight of a woman breastfeeding (“Baring breasts in public not always about sex,” Feb. 21). Whatever the psychological reasons for this, the feelings are real. Luckily, the vast majority of women recognize this, and so they either breastfeed out of sight of others, or they do it very discreetly.

To me, it’s a question of politeness and consideration. I’ll tolerate a woman breastfeeding, so long as she does so as discreetly as she can.

Stuart Foster

Doncaster, England


‘Boohoo’ to professors’ gripes about salary

I read with interest the news briefs in your last issue (“Nursing shortage may be due to low pay for professor of health care,”) and concluded that “boohoo” was the proper response.

There is not a discipline on campus where more money wouldn’t be made if professors choose to practice their craft in the private sector. After 30 years in the industry, three degrees and a fourth near completion, I have observed many students go on to make a living greater than the one I am afforded in academia.

The point, however, is that I choose this career in hopes of helping the next generation of practioners by providing them the necessary tools to make a living. Could I make more off campus? Well, duh. But that is not what I wanted to do.

It is impossible to attach a monetary figure when watching our graduates go on to make a name for themselves and to know that I may have helped. I am not looking for monetary rewards, and if most of us were, I suggest that we would not be here.

So, boohoo and welcome to academia.

red bradley

professor, Journalism and Public Communications Dept.

Anchorage, AK


Start respecting paint-sniffing art snobs

Perhaps making fun of the paint-fume-sniffing art snobs (“Letters to the Editor,” March 14) is possibly the wrong way to get on their good side? Maybe, just maybe, because you are a broadcast journalist, you yourself need to “start respecting” and stop mocking major parts of the student body.

Whit Stearns

Parking Services

Anchorage, AK