Letters to the Editor

Alumni embarrassed by
‘condom/porn star’ edition

I graduated from UAA in May of 2003 and
had no problem claiming the Anchorage campus
as my alma mater. That is until last week. I
heard of the controversial condom/porn star
edition of The Northern Light and became
extremely embarrassed, not only for personally
having an article published in TNL, but for
merely being an alum at a school that would
distribute and allow such trash to be displayed.
I understand that The Northern Light claims
that the paper is independent but represents
the views of the students, according to the
UAA Student Media site. I can’t imagine that
the student body has changed so much since I
attended the campus, but I am far from that view
I understand also that it was all about
Healthy Sexuality Week, but what happened
to abstinence? How can a porn star portray
healthy sexuality, especially when he seems to
be detached emotionally from his sexuality?
I, like one of the students mentioned in a
follow-up article, would have demanded my
applicable student fees to be refunded, in
protest of my money funding such obscene
As a Christian, I have an obligation to stand
up for what I believe is right and to support only
those things that I believe are right and glorify
God. I cannot stand idly by without a reaction to
the University’s support for The Northern Light
and ensure that I’m not enabling further decay
to our young people. I will pray for those in
positions of authority at UAA.

Stephanie Workman

Newspapers should be about
news; not sex and condoms

I found the Feb. 10, 2009 edition of the
newspaper despicable. Not only was there
a condom placed directly on the front, there
was also a drawing of a naked girl within. I
understand UAA is a very liberal school, but that
edition was far over the line. I often skip over
articles because I disagree with what they entail,
but an entire issue of such articles is absurd and
inappropriate. I found virtually nothing of value
at all in this issue. Please, let the newspaper
be about news-not sex. Our poor culture is
saturated enough.

Alysia Turcott