Letters to the Editor

Use a stick, not a carrot on corporations

So our legislators are looking at tax incentives for corporations that retain and create jobs in the United States. They’re using the wrong approach. How about using the stick instead of the carrot? In lieu of rewarding good corporate behavior, they should be taxing the bad behavior of those corporations that outsource jobs for the purpose of avoiding taxation.

Paul G. Jaehnert
Vadnais Heights, Minn.

Mining coordinator wronged by misquote

In regards to the article on the Pebble Mine debate (“Pebble Mine debate continues,” April 1, 2008), I was erroneously quoted as having said in an e-mail that if permitted, the Department of Natural Resources would allow the removal of all the waters in the Kvichak and Nushagak rivers. I never said anything of the like – nothing whatsoever. I’m at a total loss to understand where that quote would come from. I was told that a retraction would be issued; I see that the quote has been removed from the online version of the article, but the retraction that appears in the April 8 issue simply says that “the first paragraph on page 02 should have been removed.” It does not address the fact that the statement was wholly inaccurate and wrong; there’s no apology for having quoted me in such an egregiously incorrect and totally false manner, and I think this should be more properly addressed.

The statement attributed to me about the Nushagak and Kvichak Rivers is NOT a minor typo. It is a very inflammatory and grievously wrong statement that has no basis in fact. To simply say, “Also … the first paragraph on page 02 should have been removed” doesn’t begin to address The Northern Light’s error or its responsibility to set the record straight.

Tom Crafford
Mining Coordinator
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Office of Project Management and Permitting

Source happy with article outcome

I have recently read the article “National IDs a step towards fascism in America?” (April 8) and was pleased with the way it was written. Ms. Johnson articulated the story very well and brought forth good facts about Real ID, and had quoted me well and had wonderful quotes from Mr. Wielechowski also.

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This, I feel, is what a college is about: to educate our students on events that affect our livelihood, and Ms. Johnson did her research and put out a great article for our school paper.

Thank you,
Harley Brown
Vice Chairman,
Alaska Libertarian Party