Letters to the Editor

Rise in birth control prices concerns student

I am extremely disappointed and concerned that Congress has not acted to fix the issue of skyrocketing costs of birth control at college health clinics. College women across the country, including myself, have seen prices for our birth control soar from $15 a month to $40 a month. As a college student, my budget is extremely limited, but the cost of birth control wasn’t anything I ever had to worry about. I was able to buy affordable birth control at the university health center, because drug companies sold it to them at a minimal price. Now, because of a complex rule change, the prices have jumped more than 10 times. That means I, and students like me, will have to make tough choices about how, or whether, we can afford contraception. It doesn’t need to be this way. Congress has known about this problem all year, and they’ve done nothing about it. And the solution is simple and doesn’t cost a cent. All they need to do is make university clinics eligible again to buy birth control at minimal costs. This is a simple problem for Congress to fix ñ it will cost the government nothing and can be done immediately. I am urging Sen. Murkowski and Sen. Stevens to help fix this situation and pass legislation in Congress that will restore affordable birth control right now!

Christine Gibbs