Letters to the Editor

USUAA needs to rearrange its priorities

USUAA, our “student government,” recently passed standing rules that govern the conduct of their meetings. Included in those rules is verbiage that heavily governs personal behavior: “Be respectful in actions, body language and attire, and written and verbal forms of communication . No sexually provocative activities, dress, or comments. This means no physical contact of sexual nature, no scanty attire, and no explicit comments.”

What has been going on in those meetings? Whatever it is, they are going to be no fun now.

Is this why the president asked USUAA to dress more professionally? The bylaws conclude by stating “that any violators . will be forced to leave or wear green and gold attire as chosen by the sergeant at arms.” Ha ha. Are you serious? Wearing green and gold is a punishment?

How about USUAA spending time working on real issues: My financial aid still comes in check form, my adviser sucks, and Homecoming is a week away but I don’t see any advertisements.

Jay Johnson