Letters to the Editor

Cars turn into predators and pedestrians into prey

Be prepared to put a shark fin on the top of your car while playing the theme of “Jaws” with the windows down. You will be one of many circling rows of parked cars lying in wait for that one student with keys in hand heading for his or her car. It might as well be blood in the water for sharks. People rev their engines, racing down the row and slowing when they reach the pedestrian. Like predators, they stalk their prey, challenging anyone to steal the precious parking space.

It is difficult to find a ticket-free space that doesn’t involve being so ridiculously far away (the Arts Building lot, for example) that it causes tardiness. Providence Alaska Medical Center has warning signs informing students their cars will be towed. UAA has a population of 20,000 or more students. The catalog says that there are approximately 3,000 spaces for parking. Nevertheless, more than 3,000 students are on campus at any one time. The Admin parking lot is gone with the construction of a new building. Many of the parking lots are bottlenecked, causing delays getting in or out of the parking lots. The prices of permits are more then the cost of one visit to a doctor’s office, yet students come away with headaches from trying to find parking.

To put it simply? Parking is a nightmare at UAA.

-Linda Lockwood


Food service should invest in food and quality, not looks

Those high-definition, widescreen monitors do a great job of advertising the higher prices for (NANA Management Services/Sodexho’s) crappy food in the Cuddy. Now that we have the flashy menus, how about investing something into better food and service?

-Brian Brubaker

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