Letters to the Editor

TNL needs to take off the kid gloves

The Northern Light has lost its gonads. The Seawolf Chide section has chided and prided Facilities and IT Services respectively for two weeks. Look, if you people are going to take time out to tell someone they suck, then say it. Since the fine folks at The Northern Light refuse to issue a chide, I hereby “Letter to the Editor” Chide: The Northern Light.

Jay Johnson


UAA not slighted on emergency preparedness

I was disappointed with the direction of your article (“Consortium Library left out of loop,” Sept. 11).

The Tri-Borough preparedness effort was developed as a program for the cities of Anchorage, Mat-Su and Kenai. As I explained earlier, these libraries are involved because they are part of the municipal and borough library branches.

The Municipality of Anchorage Office of Emergency Management has a great working relationship with UAA – particularly with regard to preparedness efforts. For that reason, it is very unfortunate that you decided to introduce the Municipality of Anchorage Office of Emergency Management to the student body with such a negative portrayal. UAA was not intentionally left out of any preparedness effort, and it is regrettable that this slanted article is on the front page of your newspaper.

Our office has worked hard to develop a good working relationship with local press in the interest of saving lives and property before and during a disaster. I hope that we can develop this same type of professional relationship with The Northern Light in the future.

RaeShaun Schmidt
Public Information Manager
MOA Office of Emergency Management

Music review delights Eisley fan

I’m delighted to know I’m not the only Eisley fan in Anchorage (“Eisley’s latest album recreates and condenses sound,” Aug. 28) and just as happy to see the rating Eddy Ozama gave “Combinations.” I’ve liked Eisley since “Room Noises,” but I fell in love with “Combinations” on my first listen, with its cleaner, tighter sound and unconventional instruments (I’m pretty sure there’s a hammered dulcimer on the title track). Its only real flaw is its short running time, but even that can be helped a bit by adding bonus tracks “Marsh King’s Daughter” and “Like the Actors.”

Kyra Sherwood
TNL copy editor