Letters to the Editor

Reviews shouldn’t be based on preconceptions

Hey, could you get someone who hates Linkin Park more to write this review (“‘Minutes to Midnight’ – New album’s different sound unlikely to bring in new fans,” June)? It’s not nearly negative enough.

Seriously though, it would be nice to have a less opinionated person writing this review – not someone who’s a die-hard fan and not someone who obviously hates them. Someone who doesn’t have his mind already made up when he picks up the pen (or puts fingers to keyboard) would be nice.

Linkin Park has made great music throughout their career. They started with a sound on “Hybrid Theory” they related to, because they were young. And youth sometimes just brings out the rage in people trying to establish their little place in the world. It doesn’t mean they’re not talented. While they were getting older, they produced “Meteora,” which was a more thoughtful album with some great lyrics and music, the band obviously trying to find their identity and getting closer. With four years out of the studio together, “Minutes to Midnight” is the result of the band “growing up” with a sound that evokes the music that inspired the men to become musicians and create their band.

Saying that all Linkin Park fans know the music is bad? Well, that’s just an ignorant statement. I’m not even going to get into the fact that this band cares about their fans more than most and they show it. How many bands of their stature would hold a meet-and-greet time before or after every single show? But the band showing their gratitude is a whole different topic.

I have a problem with people dismissing this band because of a few lyrics on their first album. Yeah, “shut up when I’m talking to you” aren’t the best lyrics ever written, but they’re quite effective and clearly get the message across. When you listen to other lyrics and the layers of music they create in their songs, there is incredible talent there. I, for one, am proud to be a Linkin Park fan.

Sarah Rexroat

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Government needs more accountability to public

I read The Northern Light while having lunch at the New York Deli. I want to congratulate the person who wrote “Bigger paycheck no cure for corrupt characters” (June 2007). It was right on

target and very well done. As a senior citizen, I try not to be cynical. However, of late, it appears to me our Alaska politicians decorate their plates and leave some Alaska plates empty. I have been affected seriously by the Windfall Law and government offset law (as have many retired military who have fought for and kept our freedom). Many politicians are trying to fix this law and situation. It may never happen, as too much of our money is going to fight the war in Iraq. It is not only time for Alaskans to put legislators under the public eye, it is time the US Congress is put under the watchful eye of all Americans.

Keep up the great work. The paper is well done.

Margaret Hansen

New York