Letters to the Editor

Cancelled Polynesian concert is suspicious

For the last week I have been wondering if I should be offended about things that are happening at UAA. As a non-white student, I’ve known since a very early age that as someone who does not make up the majority, it is my job to make the “normals” feel okay about me.

On Dec. 2, an island concert was set at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium, but due to the rise in gang activity involving Polynesian youth, it was cancelled. I understand the media’s roll in keeping the public informed, but I do feel that they wrongly portrayed our minority group as misfits. While a large number of offenders have come from the Polynesian community, they do not represent the whole of the community.

Since this concert had been cancelled because of possible gang activity, I would assume that the staff at UAA was worried about gang influence on the campus. Yet they have recently allowed a gangsta rapper to hold a concert at the very same venue where the island concert was set to perform. My question is, why is someone who openly glorifies the “gangsta” way of life allowed to hold a concert at UAA while an island performer who is linked to a community that is only recently seeing a spike in gang life is shut out?

Lil’ Scrappy, who will be holding a concert here at UAA, will most likely perform his debut single “Head Bussa,” a song that has lyrics such as “down south I’ll ride, shoot and kill homicide.” I would have assumed that UAA would be fearful of a concert that is put on by an artist who builds his whole persona around gang life. But his concert has been allowed to go forth with no hitches.

This just leaves me confused and almost makes me wonder if the only reason the Poly concert was cancelled was because we weren’t a big enough name that could make a lot of money. I hope that is why, because I’d hate to believe it’s because I’m viewed as a second-class citizen.

Payton Augasa

Transferred class prevents graduation

I cannot graduate from UAA this spring because I lack the GER oral communication class. I have been given credit for a communication class I took while I participated in the Disney College Program, but not as a GER. The communication department did not respond to my request when I tried to get it preapproved, and now I am not in a position to take any classes.

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So here I am with 131 credits and a 3.57 GPA, and I will not graduate. I am 51, raising a grandchild, caring for elderly folks and working at Walt Disney World where I communicate daily to thousands of guests. I am frustrated and sorely disappointed with the handling of this matter. It makes no sense to me.

Karen Harrington
Mt. Dora, Fla.

Instructors shouldn’t bring about suffering

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take a particular course this semester, so I decided to attend the first class meeting before enrolling and paying tuition. As I had hoped, the instructor (who shall remain nameless) handed out the syllabus and discussed what the course would be like.

She said, “You will all be miserable this semester.” Another student in the class remembers the instructor saying, “I will make you cry.” Am I na’ve, or should learning be enjoyable? I don’t want to be miserable in any UAA course. Of course I didn’t enroll – but this course is required for my major.

George Nagel