Letters to the Editor

Columnist’s opinions are deeply flawed

Because I graduated from UAA more than a year ago, it is rare that I come across a copy of The Northern Light to stay updated on UAA news. In the last month, I have had the opportunity to read The Northern Light twice, and both times I found myself scoffing at the opinions written by Jessica Sincich.

The first opinion article of hers I read basically stated that the U.S. government knows what’s good for us in every way, and that we should just let them do their jobs without ever asking questions. Yes, because democracy is certainly based on people who follow the will of those in charge like herds of sheep. Not question the government? Even after all the lies about the war in Iraq? I cannot believe anyone in this country would feel that we should just sit back and let the government do whatever it wants without anyone asking questions to keep ethics in check.

In the Feb. 27 issue of the paper, she has yet another opinion about the new Starbucks on campus (“Alaska businesses shouldn’t get special treatment”). She loves Starbucks and can’t understand why anyone would want an Alaskan company. Perhaps it is because companies built in Alaska with Alaska employees are better equipped to understand the needs of Alaska customers. Not only is the quality of Starbucks the worst of any coffee I have had, but why would she be against supporting local business?

I thought UAA was founded on the idea that Alaskans could stay in Alaska to get an education and then use it to work in Alaska. Opening a corporate monster like Starbucks on campus, especially in light of the many locations already hulking through the city, was a hypocritical move on UAA’s part, and supporting it is a mistake on the students’ part. Maybe Sincich should reread her opinions after she has written them, and then she will be able to see their glaring flaws.

Corrie Merrill

‘Advocate’ is not for real, probably

Well, at least now I know for certain that Sam Dunham is taking his position as Devil’s Advocate seriously and that the opinions he’s expressing aren’t really his opinions (“Bush should have unlimited powers in time of war,” Feb. 20). Probably. The really interesting thing, though, is that the tone of this particular column seems a lot more sarcastic than that of his column calling U.S. soldiers mercenaries. On second thought, maybe he’s not hiding his opinion behind the mask of Devil’s Advocate so well after all.

Amber Gage
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Laptop theft can be prevented with plates

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There is also another system called STOP (“Laptop computer theft rising on campus,” Feb. 27). They do laptop security plates, where the laptop is registered with STOP and has a virtually irremovable tag on the laptop. This makes it very difficult to sell.

Brad Van Gemert

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Dancing guy is a gift to all who know him

Andrew, you have always been, are, and will continue to be “a gift” to your family, your friends, to a bunch of people who drive by a street corner in Anchorage, and, ultimately, to yourself (“Roadside dancer earns fans,” Feb. 27). You continue to inspire me. Continue to take risks.

Derek Peterson
Victoria, British Columbia