Letter to the Editor: TAPESTRY program

Dear Editor,

In just three years a remarkable and inspiring effort has taken root at UAA. Known as the TAPESTRY program, this effort brings together students with and without intellectual disabilities, academic professionals and community volunteers to assist with addressing the unique challenges faced by college students with intellectual disabilities.

But I write not just to sing the praises of those endeavoring for the success of this effort. I also write to ask for those with a similar interest or commitment to join us. We need students to serve as peer mentors for the Spring 2013 semester. If you see the potential for new friends and even more new opportunities to learn then peer mentorship is probably right for you. And it could count for internship, practicum or service learning credit as well.

If you are interested in being a TAPESTRY mentor give us a call at 786-6038 or visit us in PSB 212L.

Brandon Copeland

Program Liaison