Letter to the Editor: Greek Life

Dear Editor,

My aunt always told me, “If you see a person driving off a bridge to stay out of the way. You do not want to turn a suicide into a homicide.” Well, this article is not about a car crash but on Greek Life on campus.

After Kappa Sigma did not become a recognized fraternity on campus last semester, I sought answers from Greek Council.

Because Sau Alpha Epsilon is the only fraternity on campus, I thought the process to bring a new fraternity to Greek Life would be a smooth transition, but it was not. I then realized starting a new fraternity — in my case, Tau Kappa Epsilon — was difficult.

I looked at Greek Council and found out SAE members held three votes on USUAA Student Government Assembly, two coming from senators’ seats, and one from a Greek Council Representative. Additionally, since SAE members contribute five out of eight votes on Greek Council.

This disproportion representation in positions of power makes SAE an unfair deciding factor amongst the student population concerning council decisions. The Dean of Students has the final say in the creation of fraternities, but she receives a recommendation from the council regarding Greek life matters.

On Feb. 22, 2013, Greek Council voted five “against” and four “for” votes in establishing TKE as a temporarily recognized fraternity.

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Is this kind of injustice American? Our founding fathers fought against tyranny through the Declaration of Independence. Is it American to let a fraternity dictate Greek Council decisions by having five out of eight votes?

I suggest Greek Life should adjust it policies concerning its voting members. More Greek organizations should establish their presence on campus, because Greek life should be more than a social club tucked away in the Student Union. Greek life should be engaged in the communities of our campus, other than periodically selling baked goods. If Greek Council will not allow more Greek organizations, why their presence needed at all?

Mabil Duir

English & Political Science Major